Love Music? Want to Help Change the World? Here’s Your Chance


Water Aid are currently looking for a creative person to join their social media team at Glastonbury, offering them two free tickets in exchange for some Water Aid focused vlogging at the festival.

As one of Glastonbury’s charity partners since 1994, Water Aid is heavily involved with the event, providing things such as free water and toilet services in order to highlight their global work. This competition is seeking to promote the charity’s summer campaign Change the Record through social media from a festival goer’s perspective.

Change the Record focuses on girls  and women, as they are the most affected by the water and sanitation crisis. This is due to the fact that they are usually the ones who walk for hours each day to fetch water, and are most vulnerable when going to the toilet in the open.

Access to clean water and a safe, private place to go to the toilet could give girls all over the world the time they need to focus on their education in order to lift themselves out of poverty and give them back their dignity.

These are privileges that we in Southampton, and all over the UK, take for granted every day. When we’re thirsty, we can simply nip to the fountain to refill our bottles in Hartley. We never have to think about when we will find the next sanitary, safe place to go to the toilet either (except in Jesters of course, but that’s a different story).

Access to this happy carelessness is something which everyone deserves, and it is why Water Aid’s goal is to reach everyone, everywhere with fresh water by 2030. Although the 50p charge for hot water in the library may seem like a breach of our human rights, it is harrowing to think that there are still 248 million people in the world without water at all, meaning that it really is time to Change the Record.

Photo by WaterAid

There are lots of ways to get involved with helping Water Aid’s mission: actively donating, or joining Water Aid Society are the easiest ways, but if you fancy something more abstract, then this competition is for you.

Each day at the festival the winner will be given a short creative assignment to draw attention to Water Aid’s campaign. The contents of this will be posted on the charity’s social media channel, and the rest of the lucky winner’s time will be free to revel in the fun and frolics of the festival, making this an amazing opportunity to have an incredible time, be creative, and really make a difference. Water Aid’s Social Media Manager Jane Dowie said: “We’re looking for people with a unique creative style who will be able to support our campaign activities at the festival through their own eyes.”

If you think this could be you, then give it a go. To enter, simply upload a 15-second video to Instagram showing how amazing clean water is, using the hashtag #cleanwaterrocks, and tagging @WaterAid.

Good luck, and happy film making!

For more information about the competition, go to:

To get involved with Water Aid at the University, check out the Facebook page:


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