A Taste of Paris: Boulangerie Victor Hugo


Any establishment given a quintessential French figure’s name, decorated in classic Parisian lushness, with real French owners and staff is bound to evoke high expectations. The Boulangerie Victor Hugo is no disappointment. It’s fashionable and chic with stunning food and a charming atmosphere. In short, it is big, grand and glam!


Tucked away from the crowded centre of town, the café is honestly a gem. A welcome break from the usual Starbucks and Costa, the place oozes character. Walking in we were struck by the colourful vintage art lining the walls, the ‘shabby-chic’ furniture and the grand chandeliers which looked like they had been taken straight from the set of ‘Midnight in Paris’! However, what truly drew our attention was the delicious array of tarts and pastries. Freshly baked on site, our eyes lit up at the pastry concoctions before us, we were like a besotted pair of Cossettes gazing lovingly at our pastry Mariuses. The Strawberry and Apricot tarts were utterly delicious!

The desserts were heavenly!
The desserts were heavenly!

In addition to this, the place whips up a great variety of savoury foods (the three-cheese and sweet caramelised vegetables toasted baguettes are highly recommended!), a wonderful array of ice-creams and a variety of teas and coffees are also on offer, so it’s great for casual coffee breaks and oh so stylish brunches!

A variety of savoury options are available too.
A variety of Savoury options are available too.

In terms of atmosphere, it ticks all the right boxes. The staff were friendly and despite the café being large it still retains a sense of cosiness and privacy, ideal for both a weekend meet-up with friends and a working lunch.

So maybe skip that monthly Sprinkles visit for a taste of Paris on the streets of Southampton; the Boulangerie Victor Hugo is not to be missed. Bon appétit!

Verdict: 5/5
Boulangerie Victor Hugo
50 High Street
SO14 2NS

 In collaboration with Joanna Mills


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