Society Spotlight: German Society


Continuing our series of international society profiles, Katie Wormald explains what the German Society is about and why you should get involved.

What is the society?

The University of Southampton German Society (or ‘GerSoc’ among regulars) is a place to let loose your inner Germanophile.

Why should I join?

We’re a friendly mix of German speakers with skills ranging from beginner to native, gathering to speak some German and revel in German culture. The mainstays of the society are our weekly Stammtisch meetups in the pub, which is a time to catch up and speak some Deutsch, and Filmabends, which offers the chance to explore German-language cinema. You can also look forward to socials throughout the year, both within the society, and together with the other languages societies at Southampton. German Society is full of friendly people looking to expand their love of anything German to new members. If you’ve never learnt German before it’s a great way to learn a bit or if you already study German it’s a great way to improve your language proficiency. Chatting in a relaxed environment over a pint every week improves your spoken language immensely.

What have you got planned for the year?

We put on socials over the year, including a welcome BBQ, nights out etc. Every year we do a trip to a German speaking country. Last year we went to Vienna for a few days and it was great! We are planning another big trip this year (destination to be confirmed sometime before Christmas) where we will be exploring German culture, food and probably a couple of the pubs too! You can also expect a trip to the local German Christmas market – Glühwein anyone?

How do I get involved?

Come and see us at the Bunfight or search for us on Facebook (University of Southampton German Society). Send us an email to and we will happily answer any of your questions and let you know when the next event is.

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