Rupert Murdoch Wants A ‘Real Black President’ But Who is Ben Carson?


Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is no stranger to controversy and he recently tweeted ‘What about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide?’ This is rich coming from the man who owns Fox news which constantly slams Obama whenever he tries to address racial issues.

Sadly Murdoch does have a point. Obama is normally quite careful with his language when addressing race. Obama has never tried to make his presidency about him being the first black President. Even if he wanted to make more of a stance against racism in America, he would be incessantly attacked by the Right-wing. Murdoch’s choice of Republican Neurosurgeon Ben Carson as a man who would address the racial divide is bizarre. Carson would not tackle it half as much as Obama has and these tweets by Murdoch clearly show his true nature.

Ben Carson has risen to prominence in the Republican field thanks to the latest GOP debates and he is currently second in the polls behind Donald Trump. Don’t let his soft speaking and calm demeanour fool you, he is just as unbelievably radical as Trump and his beliefs on many issues are hugely controversial.

Only this month he claimed that if Jewish people had guns in central Europe the holocaust might not have happened, not taken into account the overwhelming Nazi firepower of the era and the Jews having no unified political or military body.  In response to the recent shootings in Oregon he claimed he would have urged everyone to attack the shooter and would not stand there and ‘let him shoot me’.

Carson was recently threatened with a gun in a restaurant in Baltimore, he directed the assailant to the guy behind the counter. So obviously he wouldn’t let anyone just shoot him, he’s happy to let them shoot someone else. He has also pushed for primary school teachers to be armed with guns to combat school shootings. All of these comments are absurd and they are just in regard to gun control.

In terms of other subjects Ben Carson has also said the devil convinced Charles Darwin write ‘The Theory of Evolution’ and that there shouldn’t be U.S. President who is Muslim because it unconstitutional-despite the constitution stating ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof’. In terms of combating ISIS he has said ‘if you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war’ so by this statement he must believe rape and torture are legitimate tools of war.

Ben Carson has numerous other wacky beliefs however Murdoch was only talking about a President who would address race problems and Ben Carson is the only Black presidential candidate.

Recently he refused to condemn the Confederate flag and has in the past equated calls for its removal with taking of down gay pride flags. He has underplayed the need to talk about race issues insisting race wars are made out of every incident that may involve a person of colour. Carson strongly, and bizarrely, claims that progressives in America are the racist ones because they believe that black people should think in a ‘certain way’. He of course means that most people believe that African-Americans should support the democrats and this isn’t racist at all.

While Abraham Lincoln may have been a Republican, nearly all the laws discriminating against black people and restricting their voting rights originated, and were implemented longest, in republican states. Even today a lot of the Republican politicians make racial blunders or subscribed to completely false beliefs, like Donald Trump, such as thinking Obama is in fact a Muslim, because he is black.

Even if Murdoch is completely ignorant of Carson’s other beliefs, the presidential candidate’s comments on race wouldn’t make him a strong leader in combating race relations. Murdoch probably is aware of Carson’s other policies and comments and, if it really needed to be clarified, this really shows what sort of man he really is. The rise of Trump and Carson is troubling and shows how backwards the right-wing in America has reverted making people like George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon seem moderate in comparison. Carson would make a terrible President and Murdoch has shown how out of touch he is with the world through his comments.


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