People Share Why They’re Voting Trump


As a British person, I can’t quite fathom American Elections. I’ve always thought British elections are far from perfect, but US elections, are like some crazy sideshow. The worrying thing is, the winner becomes the most powerful person in the world. 

All the personality politics and showmanship really makes american politics interesting – if not a little scary – to observe. This year’s American election has been shaped by one controversial figure – Donald J. Trump. Seen by many as a racist, islamophobe, and mysgonist yet somehow he is in the lead – he might actually be President,  and the leader of the free world?

Why, oh why? Is a British press biased and really he’s not that bad? Or are Americans just crazy? Reddit users have been staring why they think Trump can make America great again.

A lot like his foreign policy..


I voted for Obama [in 2012]because he was the no-stupid-wars candidate. I prefer Trump for the same reason. He’s the only one who has no expressed no desire to go f*cking around with Syria’s government, or to interfere with Russia’s efforts at sending the jihadis to their virgins.  Even Sanders wants to push Assad out of power. I see no compelling reason for worsening the power vacuum there, except for furthering the interests of Israel, Saudis, jihadis, and/or war profiteers. – lurkalurkalurkalurka

People don’t talk about it for some reason but Trump is the closest candidate to Obama on foreign policy, at least from a broad strokes perspective. – noelsusman

When I made up my mind to vote for Trump, Obama was still planning to keep Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay] open. One of the earlier things that caused me to question voting for Obama was reading about how people in certain middle eastern countries have stopped attending events like funerals for fear of being labeled an enemy combatant in some unknown friend or family member’s drone strike. I did not like that he parroted the wage-gap myth. There were other reasons, but those are what stands out at the moment. – noreallyiwannaknow

Some said because of his climate change policy: 

By Trump moving as much manufacturing from China to the US, we move that manufacturing from a low regulation environment to a higher regulation one. Since we can’t stop them from polluting in the manufacturing sector, we can take it and move it here, where we can control it. Even if the regulations in the US are relaxed somewhat, they are still way better than China’s and it’s a net positive against global pollution. As someone concerned about climate change I do support Trump, because even if he doesn’t care about it, his policies will still make it better.  – avantvernacular

Some simply don’t like his opponents

Both Hillary and Obama massively supported the overthrowing of Gaddafi. They armed rebels in huge amounts to do that exact thing. I mean, it’s one of the worst decisions I can think of. They even had the nerve to lie to the American people. Every argument they gave was thoroughly debunkedThe smoking gun was from Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state under the Obama administration. She caused the destruction of Libya. She killed four Americans in Benghazi. She is by all accounts, a warlord.- tuckeran3

Bernie Sanders, while chair of the Veterans Administration oversight committee, empowered corrupt employees and granted them extra protections to prevent them from fired over their widespread corruption (especially regarding waitlisting veterans to death). He claims to care about veterans, but actively acts against their interests and health. – enyoron

Bernie is a socialist. I am a capitalist. Then you can go on to explain the benefits of capitalism and downsides of socialism. In particular you can look at the economic results from Thatcher’s UK.” – XGN_Snip3out

I don’t like socialism, the Nazis were a socialist – joblessthehutt

I have always been so disappointed in the Republicans weakness to stand up and fight against the Democratic candidate in presidential elections. I wondered how it would be to have a candidate that could and would fight the way Dem’s do. It would take a strong person to be able to stand up to the media, SJW [Social Justice Warrior] and the GOPe. I knew we had that person when Mr Trump was accused of having a “penchant for sexism” by Hillary in December last year. Instead of cowering as we have become accustomed to seeing, Mr Trump fired back with accusing Bill Clinton of having a terrible record of women abuse, and accusing her of bullying other women to keep them silent to hide her Bill’s misogynist, sexist secrets. That shut down Hillary up and kept Bill off the campaign trail for over a month. This is what we need and I see Mr Trump as the only candidate who will continue to do so if nominated.- Yippykiyeamfr

Some, actually like his stance on women..

Donald Trump employs more women than men at the upper echelons of his real estate empire, and in many cases pays them more.   Over two decades ago, 50 percent of the people in his business inner circle were women. He hired people regardless of whether they were men or women because he thought they were going to be the best for the job. He treated them equally. He mentored them and allowed them to advance. Many of his female employees were better paid than men (naturally, as many of them had worked for him for longer). –  TransferTheDownvotes

They just really really love Trump…

If soldiers could choose their Commander-in-Chief. Polls show they’d choose Trump. – IAMA_American

 This is really the best thing to happen for American sovereignty since 1776.  –UnhingedMystery


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