Even Donald Trump’s Children Won’t Be Voting For Him…


In news that will surprise no-one, Donald Trump is once again hitting the headlines ahead of next week’s Primary in New York. However, this time it is his children who are coming under fire – they will not be voting for their father.

Trump has 5 children, 4 of whom are eligible to vote, and it has emerged today that two of his children missed the deadline to register their vote, so will consequently not be voting for their father in the upcoming Primary in New York – Ivanka and Eric Trump missed the crucial deadline of the 30th March to register their vote in order to be able to vote in the primaries on the 19th April.

Trump confirmed the story through Fox News and claims that his children feel ‘very guilty’ for not being able to vote for him. He also declared that they were unaware of the rules regarding registration, so were unable to register in time (clearly they are prolific voters).

Nevertheless, despite his children being unable to vote for him next week, Trump looks set to win the Primary in New York with polls suggesting he is 53 points clear of his nearest rival Cruz.

It looks like Trump’s setback in the last primary are coming to an end, and he will no doubt hit the headlines once again as the Republican candidacy hots up in the final primaries. In other news, it looks as though many more celebrities (including Miley Cyrus and Samuel L. Jackson) are going to flee the country if he becomes President – the US election is shaping up to be a very interesting one indeed!


I am a second year Modern History and Politics student.

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