The Inconsistency of Hilary Clinton 


Donald Trump has been branded one of the most inconsistent figures in the 2016 American Primaries, flip-flopping over issues such as abortion. But there’s another figure who has been perhaps even more disturbingly inconsistent…

Hillary Clinton, then and now.

In her 2016 campaign to be the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton has advocated women’s rights and declared herself a feminist. In fact, she was once quoted as saying as saying ‘human rights are women’s rights’ (1995, United Nations Conference on Women, Beijing) and ‘there cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard’ (1997, Vital Voices Conference, Vienna). But, in 1975, Clinton, then known as Hillary Rodham, savagely destroyed a 12 year-old girl’s cries for justice. The woman, now in her mid-50s, had her confidence in the American justice system obliterated.

As an innocent adolescent in rural 1970s Arkansas, the victim found her voice and spoke up about the alleged attack by two men in their mid-40s. The victim was quoted as saying ‘Hillary Clinton took me through hell’, as she undermined her character and attacked the validity of her statements. Of course, as a Legal Aid worker Clinton was technically just doing her job, but the frightening thing is, that despite all these attacks on the helpless little girl’s character, Clinton reportedly didn’t need these psychological tools as she had already found

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The hashtag #whichHillary in action.

a way to discredit the physical evidence found as a result of police negligence. The end result was atrocious, particularly for the victim, only one of the alleged rapists was charged, and instead of getting a 30-year sentence, he received a sentence of just under 2 years. Following this, the adolescent’s life was ruined, as she turned to alcohol and narcotics to cope, which eventually lead to a stint in prison. She is now unemployed, on disability allowance and still struggles to trust people. Essentially, there appears to be some discrepancy between Hillary Clinton’s words and actions with regards to women’s rights.

Moving on to LGBT rights, just 16 years ago (as shown by the poster across), Clinton heavily advocated that marriage was not something that should be granted to same-sex couples. Fast-forward to the present day and her Twitter feed is filled with words coloured in by the LGBT colour scheme. Thank goodness she changed her mind, right?

Much of Clinton’s campaign has revolved around her reminding the public that unlike some, i.e. her opponent Bernie Sanders and some of the Republican candidates, or, as of late, rather THE Republican nominee Donald Trump, she actually has experience in the ruthless world of politics. In other words, she is a career politician. To support her campaign Clinton often mentions her time in the state department, but often dances around what she actually accomplished. She claims to have been very successful in her time there, but according to some sources, her inability to control the department meant she lost over $6bn of taxpayer’s contributions.

There is even a hashtag on Twitter, #whichhillary, with the aim of cataloguing her inconsistency on social media.

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So really, how much do we know about REAL Mrs. Clinton? 

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A disgruntled twitter-user.



Law student at the University of Southampton.

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    Natalia Jopling Tanser

    There isn’t that much to debate unfortunately as this article is based upon extensive background research. Of course should look further into things and you are welcome to proceed with a counter-argument, but so far, and this was just the tip of the iceberg, as I found so much more than what I included in my article, the evidence pointing towards her inconsistencies is quite overwhelming.

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    Well for starters the first half of your article you attack her for doing her job? quote, “Of course, as a Legal Aid worker Clinton was technically just doing her job”, so just because the person on the other side of the case is a woman it makes her anti-feminist? Secondly, LGBT right in America has been a hot topic for years and mostly due to many people’s reluctance to move on the issue. Her change in opinion could be seen as A) her trying to be more electable back in the late 1990s or B) her change of heart to supporting LGBT rights as someone who clearly is not so strict in ideology which I think it a virtue in the current climate of extreme partizan politics in America. Thirdly, much of her voting record as a Senator is in line with the voting record as Sanders as a senator. A candidate to the left of Hillary. While I agree there is no smoke without fire, it is important not to get sucked into the negative campaign and to hold some perspective

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