Goodbye, 10 Pint Princess. Hello Confusing Real Woman…


This month Lifestyle is manning up and offering some insight into the strange creature that is a woman.

After a couple of pints she starts to look a bit better doesn’t she lads? A few more drinks later and Cheryl Cole is grinding next to you. Taking the beer goggles off, can we really tell whether someone is attracted to us by unconscious body language? Behavioural psychologist and dating coach Jo Hemmings seems to think so.

She believes when it comes to dating, it seems that it is in fact our bodies that are doing all the talking.

Hemmings claims that women are much more complex than men when it comes to communication, having 50 different gestures to man’s mere 10. This is why she believes men are easier to interpret than women. So here are some tips to trying to read her signals:

The Flirting Triangle

This is a common one to look out for; apparently if someone is attracted to you they will look to each eye, drop their gaze to your mouth and then back to your eyes to reconnect. This triangular eye dance is supposed to indicate that your date is thinking about where that mouth could possibly be going at some point…

Hemmings claims that 55% of communication comes from body language, whilst 38% from voice and then remainder 7% is what we actually say.

 Pulling up of Sleeves

This is an interesting one, which happens a lot. Women, if they are attracted to someone will unconsciously pull up their sleeves, exposing their inner arm. This is the softest part of the body. So guys, if a girl is pulling up her sleeves, she isn’t about to punch your lights out she is actually showing you the ‘soft, gentle girl she is’…

Smiling and Laughing

This is a very obvious one; if a girl likes you she will smile and laugh at your witty jokes and comments. Even your delightful ‘knock knock’ ones that leave your mates unimpressed. But it can also easily be faked, so look out for those sleeves to back up your judgement.

The Pout

What is more subtle but more revealing is the slightly open mouth, almost pouting. Pursed lips are the reverse sign, indicating that she is uncomfortable.

Eye Contact

Holding eye contact for slightly longer than normal is a good sign. Longer than about 2 minutes could indicate illness, or a lazy/glass eye.

Fiddling and Playing…

No it’s not what you think lads- one track minds. When engaging in conversation with their date women are prone to playing with something, be it their hair, jewellery or glass .This is their way of flirting, or perhaps demonstrating they have nits.

Moving closer

Because women like intimacy in a relationship, they will unconsciously shut the distance down between you and her. She may move closer or push something towards you, says Hemmings. Let’s just hope it’s not a blatant shove. Or a table.


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