Lifestyle’s Top Tips for Avoiding Freshers’ Flu


Not enough time in the day to clean, a completely new environment filled with new people, eating only when there’s enough time and a string of boozy nights out: a classic concoction that often leads to ‘Freshers’ Flu’.

Fortunately, the illness itself is usually not as serious as actual flu, but its symptoms, headache, high temperature and sickness to name but a few, can be reduced or even avoided in a way that doesn’t compromise on the fun and frolics of Freshers’ Week. Here’s a brief guide on how to avoid Freshers’ Flu and how to prepare should it choose to rear its ugly head:

1. Getting an early night during your first week of life in halls, or at least the first few days, is likely to be out of the question. Southampton is a cosmopolitan city with a juicy array of clubs waiting to be explored, so by all means make the most of your Freshers’ Week during both day and night. However, it’s still important to get enough sleep to avoid burning out early into the fun. Day-time naps are an obvious but effective way of providing a boost. Also, as boring as it may sound, try to have at least one night in during Freshers’ Week and be the envy of your fragile flat mates the next morning. Don’t feel obliged to take part in absolutely everything. It’s important to give your body time to recover and to adjust to your new lifestyle.

SUSU is brilliant at providing an exciting and busy Freshers’ Week, but remember to take some time out, too. This way you’re increasing your chances of avoiding being unable to unglue yourself from the bed whilst everyone else is out having fun.

2. Break the stereotype: students are too easily branded as lazy when it comes to cooking and are often assumed to be happy getting by on beans on toast and take-away meals. Fruit and vegetables are available on Highfield Monday Market and can be incorporated into every day meals for an essential top-up of vitamins and minerals. And no, a vodka and orange does not count.

3. Keep hydrated. As tempting as it may be to reach for the Relentless in the morning, remember that your brain is over 70% water, meaning you’ll be able to concentrate better and have more energy if you drink plenty of water. This free hang-over cure will also improve the most partied out of complexions.

Finally, make sure you register with the university health service so that you can visit a doctor whenever you need to and remember to take care of yourself. As well as taking note of the points mentioned above, have an amazing first week of university life- you’re only a fresher once, so make the most of the opportunity and enjoy yourselves.


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