Will students declare their Love for I Heart College?


I’m going to start this review of the new Union night “I love College”, by saying that seeing people play beer pong while “intoxicated” is hilarious. Carefully poising, I see students bend forward…concentrate on the cup they want the ball in…try not to spill the current drink…and shoot! Oh it missed. Down that drink son.

The beer pong mini game, frat party posters, different seating downstairs and inside the cube itself are all part of an extensive rebranding of the cube. Last year, Wednesday was typically the Oceana night Bandwagon which  always pulled in a large audience. This year, “I love College” is part of a commitment to revitalise the student’s union as the place to go.

It is also an ambitious scheme to get socieites involved in the cube. “Lash for cash”, gives the society an opportunity to get money from tickets when they go to the cube. For every £2 ticket, the society gets £1 into their coffers. For those societies which are cash-strapped, this can quickly become an effective way of raising funds as well as getting people to the cube. It is yet to be seen how many societies will utilise this interesting mechanic to raise more funds.

I talk to a range of people, all of which tell me that it is a really good vibe among people there. One SUSU employee, who wished to remain to anonymous, told me “it is good lots of societies are coming together, there is a good vibe among them which effects other people here as well”. The theme for tonight is a toga party – and one society which seems to be here en mass in togas is the Polo society – and they seem to be having a jolly good time.

Last week, the cube was absolutely packed for the debut night of I love College. The vibe here is good – and as the place steadily fills up throughout the night; even though there are other “big nights” vying for student attention. The people I talked to within the cube all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the fact that the night has different themes and events lined up (akin to Twisted, with a new “twist” every week), are good indicators that the new cube night should do well.

Time will be the best indicator here in seeing if the Cube can retain student interest. Hopefully the heavy investment being put into rebranding the cube will pay off.


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