Freshers’ Week 2010: what now?


It’s the morning of your first week of lectures. Alarm bells are ringing in your head at the prospect of having to think again after almost four months of relaxation. Dozing, you gradually realise that an alarm really is going off. The fire bell… again. Half dressed, the corridor brings the smell of burning; yet another person has indulged in some post-night out cooking. Upon entering the kitchen, you discover your flatmates are gathered around a pile of ash, shaped like a pizza…the remains of your freshers’ week on a plate.

Getting to grips with cooking or, putting things in the oven, was just one part of the wide range of experiences during freshers’ week. Being immersed in student life was extremely exciting; we gained independence, confidence and ultimately, freshers’ flu. It was the first time in life when it was acceptable to go up to strangers and ask them all their personal details without explanation, and the first time that you could be someone’s best friend and still forget their name. Being in the same boat as everyone else meant that it was easier to settle in and feel at home; within a week flatmates everywhere were sharing everything from their biggest secrets to frozen peas.

Being sleep deprived did not stop anyone enjoying the freshers’ fayre and bunfight. Whether you signed up to martial arts, tried belly dancing or just enjoyed all the freebies, everyone got an insight into the range of opportunities available at university and found interesting ways to get involved. Outside of the wide range of extra curricular activities which took up the week, we also had the mundane things to consider. Doing the washing was quite an event – it turns out that if you do things in the wrong order the machine starts washing without any clothes…

Despite all the little disasters, Freshers’ Week 2010 really was an unforgettable experience. We did some crazy dancing, had fun with some crazy people and joined some crazy societies. It was, nevertheless, educational. We have learnt to construct a party costume using only a tutu and oven gloves, to eat around the burnt bits and to avoid emerging for the fire drill dressed only in a towel. Freshers’ week has been a lesson in life: a lesson that will undoubtedly continue throughout our time at university, and be continually enjoyable too.

So let’s embrace the cold showers and ready meals, seize every opportunity and make sure that Freshers’ Week was just the beginning…


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