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If you have never experienced the world of blogging now is the time to do so. With over126 million[1] blogs available worldwide from fashion to interior design, food to craft or just a biopic of a person’s daily life, it is fair to say there are plenty to choose from.

The attraction of blogs is their ability to share and view other people’s creativity, their findings and their inspirations. They are a personal and enjoyable way to bring you up-to-date with your particular interest and most importantly, to find inspiration.

And for those of you who cannot afford to buy ‘Vogue’ every month, have the time to traipse through hundreds of internet shopping websites or buy the latest ‘Jamie Oliver’ cook book then blogs are free, accessible ways of solving this problem.

I have selected some of my favourite blogs from fashion, interior design and food which I hope will tickle your taste buds.


Look Book: Have you ever stood in front your wardrobe and thought, “What the hell am I going to wear today?” then this is the blog for you. This website is great for style inspiration. It is a showcase of men and women worldwide creating stylish outfits that reflect their personality. As a bonus they tell you where their amazing clothes are from so you too can recreate their look.

Fashion Toast: I came across the founder of ‘Fashion Toast,’ Rumi Neely back in 2008 when scouring EBay for a new wardrobe. Her store ‘Treasure Chest Vintage’ was a hive of vintage spectacles and her blog was even better.  It is a mixture of fashion and great photography in which she models all her own outfits. She provides little anecdotes along with her daily goings on in the fashion world which makes for a cool, sophisticated read with only a twinge of jealously of her amazing lifestyle.

Style Bubble: Susanna Lau or better known as Susie Bubble is a London based blogger. She muses about new trends, catwalk shows, new designers and anything she has an opinion on. What makes her different however is the way her infectious personality sucks you into her ‘bubble.’ (And for those budding ‘fashionista’ boys, try out her boyfriend’s blog called ‘Stylesavage’.)

Interior Design

Design Sponge: If, when you first moved into your student house you felt like crying then don’t fear because this blog will provide you with so much creative inspiration you won’t know which way is up.  Not only does the blog present you with image after image of amazing kitchens, bedrooms, lounges and so on but it houses a massive product selection from throws to wallpaper. Plus DIY projects for you to immerse yourself in and even city guides if all that wasn’t enough!

The Seventy Tree : Although not as diverse as ‘Design Sponge’ it is at least coming from a blogger who lives in England and as a result this blog feels quintessentially English. What attracted me the most to the blog are her inspirations which are simple, timeless interiors mixed in with her quirky handmade prints she designs herself and which can be brought from her online shop. This blog also has loads of great links to other English based bloggers such as ‘A Rowan Tree.’


Framed Cooks: Reading this blog makes you feel like you are back in your Grandma’s kitchen baking homemade fairy cakes.  It hosts a wide range of rustic recipes, all to be cooked in under thirty minutes, from delicious pumpkin soups to banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  They are easy to follow and truly funny to read plus there are charming little snippets about her family life which creates a lovely home from home feeling.

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