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Most of us will graduate university owing up to, or in some cases over, £23,000 in student loans. Tuition fees are soon to increase and with the number of unemployed graduates on the rise, university is starting to look like a less desirable option, leaving most of us in debt.With that in mind, how much is a good degree worth to you?

Well, somewhere between £150 and £11,000 per essay. How committed are you to completing your coursework by yourself? In some circumstances, not very. Due to the increasing existence of custom project websites, boasting to “boost your academic success”, it is becoming much easier to gain high grades for coursework-if you’re willing to pay the price.

Although not strictly illegal it is undeniably immoral to enable people to buy good grades, whilst devaluing the degrees of those who put in the work for themselves. Websites offering custom writing services employ graduates or students still in university to write essays and projects for other students who are willing to pay for their work. And with guarantees of “zero plagiarism” it is likely that work purchased from such websites is undetectable by universities.

Depending upon the time limit, requested grade and word count, students can pay up to £11,000 for a dissertation of 1st class standard, personally written for them by another student who makes up to £70 per thousand words. And a 2.1 standard 10,000 word dissertation by Christmas will cost you £1,600.

A U.K. registered custom writing company boasts that the market is largely dominated by foreign companies that provide poor quality work. They claim to provide 100% satisfaction and “the best writers on the market”, employing only those with 2.1 degrees or higher. And even more disconcerting is a mission statement hoping to “advance and promote academic excellence, continuous learning and personal development”. Code for “good quality coursework for the lazy”. So whilst most of us hit the library when deadlines are pressing, a small few open their wallets-and do just as well.


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    University – What for? One assumes the writer is a graduate, yet she omits ‘from’ from her sentence and says her debt will be ‘over’ rather than ‘more than’ £23,000.

    Why run up that sort of debt if you don’t even thereby gain the ability to write clear and correct English?

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