TONI&GUY Project 10 Fashion Launch


Every year around the start of autumn the fashion calendar gets super busy; starting with the various fashion weeks around the globe including London fashion week. Toni&Guy international Hairdressers are proud sponsors of London Fashion week and therefore have a unique insight to the up and coming trends for the following year. Due to two members of the Toni&Guy Company being part of The British Fashion Council they also have a great influence on the coming trends you and I will be sporting in the following year. Due to this their own launch of trendy styles are fiercely sort after. Your hair is the main accessory you wear and is a great indicator of your identity; wearing something that makes you feel confident and is stylish makes it desirable so in this people seek the one that will have this desired effect. Providing a suitable, stylish and wearable haircut is an ethic that Toni&Guy hairdressers have successfully upholded for over four decades. Each year they launch a new and exciting range of styles to be interpreted and adored by high street fashion junkies and ‘It’ girls alike.

I recently had the pleasure of being able to attend Toni&Guy’s latest fashion collection launch named Project 10 after the date it was held on. The international event was held in London in the grounds of Battersea Power Station next to the beautiful Thames. The streams of Toni&Guy staff and associates- who the event was exclusively open to- poured in to a purpose built marquee which was accompanied by multiple fair rides for the after-partiers to enjoy later in the evening. The place was buzzing with speculation as they entered the venue which sported an extensively sized catwalk through the centre of the room and lit up portraits of the new collection hung around the walls of the marquee. A fantastic performance was delivered by X Factor winner Alexandra Burk, who opened the show with her singles; ‘Broken Heels’, ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Get Like This’. Alexandra looked amazing by wearing a fabulous black lace, skin tight cat suit with tasteful concealing underwear and of course glossy flowing smooth hair.

The moment the X Factoress left the stage it filled with the elegant, the funky, the intentionally casual and fresh looking hair models. Both male and female styles were represented, as was a few editorial (hair put-up) styles. All the models were wearing items that were aired at London Fashion week by G-DNAK a current designer whose use of spring/summer neutral and pastel shades were incorporated with attention to detail and freshly tailored styles with attractive cuts. This complimented the hairstyles which also called on pastel pinks or indigo peek-a-booing within textured fringes in cool blondes and contrasts to the clothes came from the deep metallic silvers in a dark brunette structured mid-length number. Structured, textured interesting cuts complimented with cheeky, well-placed and subtly eye-catching colours seemed to be the theme for the new collection. One thing was definitely evident throughout the entire collection and this was that fringes are current; it doesn’t matter what length or texture your hair may be or what face shape you have, there is a wearable fringe for any face shape within this sophisticated but fun collection.

The avant-garde section of the catwalk saw two fantasy collections of four models, linked by an optical intergalactic theme through the holographic lights imposed on the fantastically elegant costumes of the models. The first four wore silver dresses of incredibly clever femininely flattering designs and the latter four wore white structured dresses in more of a short ball gown style- their structured and gorse material led them to appearing more futuristic-. The hair incorporated wafes of blonde on the first four and styled into detailed sophisticated masquerade ball masks and on the second four, large delicate modern takes on gothic traditional romantic period hairstyles.

The event did not fail to entertain and awe the intrigued international Toni&Guy staff and associates who went on to celebrate long into the night after the successful event. The styles at London Fashion Week and that were aired at the Toni&Guy event are going to be available very soon and I for one cannot wait.


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