The One with all the Resolutions…


After watching the Friends New Year’s resolutions episode, I realised that quite a lot of our traditional resolutions are centred on giving things up or quitting something. It’s either giving up gossiping, stopping drinking or refusing to eat food… (Until pancake-day comes and we just can’t resist). Giving up things that you enjoy, like chocolate or alcohol isn’t going to make you happier – and if your colleagues botch boob-job is THAT uneven your resolutions (like Rachel’s) definitely won’t last more than a week.

This abstinence has led to people’s rejection of making resolutions – who wants to live in moderation for a whole year? Or at least try to? That’s just unrealistic and is highlighted by the fact that this year only 12% of us will achieve our New Year’s resolution goals. Still, failing is better than denying the benefits of making resolutions. If you are part of the 38% of people this year who will not bothering at all – you are really missing out.

My point is: we should not see resolutions as a way to deny ourselves regular luxuries. Instead of banning yourselves from life’s luxuries, we should be embracing them and the new things we can try. Luckily Southampton University is perfect for this. For example you could…

–          Audition for a role in a play

–          Join a new society

–          Try to get a role on a committee

–          Get a part-time job

–          Start the graduate passport scheme

–          Write for Wessex Scene

–          Start Yoga or Pilates with SportsRec

–          Answer more questions in seminars

–          Save up for a holiday with friends

–          Join a new sports team

–          Start up your own society

–          Join the 15% of students this year who aim to get some work experience

Whatever you choose – try to make sure it’s something you can stick to – Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity, such as exercising, to become a habit, and 6 months for it to become part of your personality. Your new habits will become second-nature in no time.

So don’t abstain from your impulsive shopping habits – work out a way to earn money so that you can keep shopping and keep happy. Now I’m not saying we should make like Ross and don a new pair of leather trousers every day – but if your New Year’s resolution is to ‘not drink as much as you did on New Year’s Eve again’ maybe these ideas have been more realistic and will have convinced you to change it.


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