Who’s got the Hump Over the ‘New’ Camel trend?


Autumn has arrived and the magazines are screaming at us to buy the “NEW IN COLOUR”. Yes that’s right; we are now being force-fed dark beige and nothing else!

The style editors haven’t even come up with a winning name either – it’s not ‘Honey’, ‘Driftwood’ or ‘Chamoisee’. The new colour has been tactlessly entitled “Camel”. It might as well be called beaver, monkey or vole; the name certainly doesn’t denote style or class.

So why is this darker than beige tone so “on-trend”? Can a colour really be called “the latest statement”?

I think no. It’s not as if we all woke up mid September suddenly able to see this duller shade of mud. Our eyesights haven’t altered, nor do colours just spring up from nowhere. We are all just being brainwashed into thinking “Camel” is new, exciting and au couture!

In the style pages of magazines, we will read “Black is Back” or “Cat walking Camels” and subconsciously this affects the way we view said colours. On that next shopping trip our minds will actively be on the lookout. We will thus view it as the new and happening colour – forgetting we ever saw brown or black before this point in time. How silly of us not to notice these colours before they’ve shimmied down the runway. Thank you for introducing brown into our lives!

The truth is, brown has always been brown. It hasn’t changed or evolved; it’s not new and has never been exciting. So why are colours being marketed to us? Surely it’s enough to notice the changing trends of textures, materials, patterns, themes, fits and cuts and mark them as new and innovative?

I for sure have not succumbed to this poo-stained baloney. Just last week I bought a dress for its lace detailing and material; a long-length waterfall cardigan for its fit and cut and a satchel style bag because it looked simply divine.

The fact that they all happened to be of a camel-like tone is not the point. I haven’t been brain-washed or affected by the magazines at all! It’s surely down to coincidence… isn’t it?


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