Favorite Recipies: Tried and Tested


We all have our own fail safe recipe, whether it is something easy like beans on toast or a labour intensive moussaka. If we are lucky our creations are loved by those who try them (if not we kill our friends’ taste buds!). I am a keen cook and I have picked up a few recipes from fellow students which I would like to share with you lovely people. It is well known that a lot of students learn their star dish at uni and this is clearly an important part of your education (one part you don’t have to pay over the odds for!).

To start the ball rolling here is one of my own recipes, Banana Cake. It is simple, cheap and most importantly has been tried and tested by many Southampton students and all give it 10/10!

Banana Cake

Before you start mash bananas till smooth and put to one side (recipe is based on two medium bananas).

For measuring use the same cup throughout the recipe. You will need:

– 125g unsalted butter/marge
-3/4cup caster/normal sugar
-1 egg lightly beaten
-1 tea spoon vanilla essence
-2 bananas (mashed)
-1 and 1/2cups plain flour (I have used self raising flour but if you do DON’T use bicarb of soda as well)
-1 teaspoon Bicarb of soda
-1/4 cup milk (if you think your mixture is particularly runny don’t bother with the milk)

**If you want to add anything like choc chips, poppy seeds or nuts do so before the flour and only use 2 desert spoons worth max – the cake won’t rise if there is more.

Step one: (you pretty much put the things in the bowl as it is listed above):
Mix the butter& sugar thoroughly then add the egg and vanilla essence with a fork beat in (try and keep as much air in the mix for a fluffy texture after cooked).
Step two:
Add Mashed bananas beat in with a whisk (this will hard but it doesn’t take long).
**If you are adding naughty extras now is the time!
Step three:
Sieve flour into mix a bit at a time still using the whisk mix the flour in bit by bit (trying to keep the air in the mix).
Add bicarb and then, bit by bit, the milk still trying to maintain the air in the mix consistency should be somewhere between porridge and thick yogurt.
Step four:
Pop in oven for about 20mins (or until you can smell it ) on a medium heat (gas mark 4 or 180).
Step five:
Scoff the lot while hot

If you are lost in the sea of recipes and chefs and would like to start experimenting in the kitchen, a good place to start is BBC GOODFOOD –which can be found online and in book form. Also Gordon Ramsey’s recipes usually have simple ingredients, which you are likely to have in your fridge or cupboard.

If you have a recipe you would like to share please do send it to me at as7g08@soton.ac.uk and we will try it ,test it and print it up for you. Happy cooking.


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