Health and Beauty Society Treats Students


For someone whose only  experience of fake nails ended in me gluing my fingers together, the idea of attending the Health and Beauty Society Society’s session on applying fake nails seemed a little daunting.

However, I needn’t have worried. The members of the society were all incredibly welcoming and friendly and the session was suitable for all skill levels, catering admirably for a novice like myself.

Hannah from Good Looks in Portswood ran the session on the 7th February, moving around the group to dispense helpful advice, such as: how to correctly prepare a nail, how to find one the correct size and the right amount of glue to use so that no mishaps occur.  The informal nature of the session made it easy to join, as people were free to talk, confer and compare their new fake nails.

The society is new this year so was unable to attend the Bunfight. To recruit, president Farley Pearce and the rest of the committee have been using Facebook and word of mouth to help build the society, which they have done admirably. At a recent Ann Summers party, which was held at Vodka Revolutions, there were over forty participants. A quick glance at the Health and Beauty Society schedule reveals lots of great ideas, including ‘An introduction to Belly dancing’ held on campus and a ‘Spray Tanning Party’ at Good Looks salon in Portswood.

Most of the society’s events are conveniently held on campus, usually in building 34 next to the library. On Monday 28th February, there will be a social following a session entitled ‘Make up session and Lipstick testing’, which promises cocktails. Although most activities seem orientated towards girls, the society insists that boys are always welcome.

As well as support from Good Looks, the Health and Beauty Society is also supported by Shine, a local hairdresser in Portswood. The society is fun and informal, catering for all experience levels and is well worth a trip out on a Monday night.

All sessions run from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, unless there is a social. The next session on the 21st February is an ‘Introduction to Pilates.’ A member of staff form the Jubilee will give the session, and it looks set to be a great event.

Membership costs just £10 and then only £1 per session, and the society puts on such a range of events that this seems to be a bargain. Alternatively, if you just want to have a go, the group charges £3 per session for non-members.

To get involved, find the Facebook group ‘The Health and Beauty Society’ or email at


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