Tried and Tested- A Savoury delight


Tried and Tested

The recipes are coming in thick and fast these days thanks to you lovely people for sharing them!

This tried and tested recipe is a savoury treat. It is quite a quick and good replacement for the home cooked roast we all crave but have not got the time to make.

Lamb, feta and cherry tomatoes (serves 4)

On the menu in my house was lamb chops but you can splash out and use Lamb steaks.

-8 lamb chops (two per person as they shrink a lot during cooking)

-24 cherry tomatoes (three per lamb chop…ish)

-200g pack of Feta (you can use full fat or light which ever you prefer)

– 3 sprigs of rosemary (or if using dry a tea spoon over each chop)

– 3 types of vegetables or chicken stock and couscous

Step one-

Warm your oven to a medium temperature 180 degrees, gas mark 4-5. Once at temperature pop your lamb on a roasting tin and pop the rosemary on, around and amongst the lamb chops. Pop in the oven for 30mins.

Step two

While the chops are cooking chop up the cherry tomatoes into quarters and put to one side.

If you are hungry and want a substantial meal I suggest accompanying the lamb with cooking some new potatoes which you would start boiling now and some other vegetables of your choice (these you could boil or steam in the final 10 mins). If you would like to keep the meal light then make up some chicken stock and pour into a bowl of dry couscous, cover with cling film and leave till you serve. Adding some herbs will make your couscous more interesting: I suggest some coriander and may be a squeeze of lemon juice but anything you have lurking in the cupboard is good to experiment with.

Step three-

Take the lamb chops out of the oven and rest the tin on a heatproof surface while you pop your tomatoes on the now golden lamb chops. Crumble the feta on to each of the chops and pop them back in the oven for a further 10 mins.

(Remember that this is when you would boil or steam your final bits of vegetables)

Drain any potaoes you may have made and start dishing up or start dishing up your couscous take out your lamb and place next to your accompaniment.

Step four-

Chow time!

This got a 9/10 by the housemates and when I made it for my parents they were super impressed.

Keep sending your s scores out of 10 when you have given the recipes a go yourselves,  and any variations you make to the recipes are much appreciated also.

Happy cooking guys!


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