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On March 11th, the seventh largest recorded earthquake triggered a tsunami that has wreaked disaster in Japan. There has been a considerable amount of human loss with death tolls estimated to reach 10,000 (Source: Red Cross) and the cost of rebuilding is expected to be around £189 billion (Source: BBC). In addition, concerns about radioactivity pose a future threat for future of Japan.

It’s a real tragedy. Fortunately, there has a been a great wealth of responses to relieve the struggle in Japan. Responses include the British Red Cross Appeal and the ‘Songs for Japan’ mp3 album on iTunes which costs £7.99 and £6.15 of the sale goes to the Japanese Red Cross. Contributing artists include: Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, and Rihanna. However, a smaller campaign titled ‘Cupcakes for Japan’, has illustrated how locally we can help Japan. Across the UK cake sales have popped up selling Japanese inspired cakes and treats in order to raise money for helping Japan. Delicacies include: panda cookies, sushi-looking cakes and Japanese cheesecake.

It’s a fantastic example of how acting locally can help relieve a global catastrophe. Not only have amateur cake makers contributed, but the project has attracted professionals too, like Edd Kimber (winner of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off). So far they have managed to raise £2000 for various charities that are working in Japan. The London cakes sale sold out in a mere 3 hours.

If you want to get involved and hold your own cake sale here is some information on how to do so and here as a link to a green tea cake recipe. Alternatively, Miss Cakehead has provided a useful page detailing where further events will be held:


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