The Mothers’ Day Algorithm


Mothers’ Day seems to always be related with the panicky feelings of never knowing what to give. The gift cannot be too expensive (especially if you are a student) or too simple (or mum feels that you did not even try). The perfection of the gift is an impossible phenomenon. Or is it?

Gift-solutions for poor students are easier than may be believed; all that is needed is some creativity and love. The good news is; mum wants to celebrate her day with you, and the best gift is not the most expensive can-opener you can come across. The secret wish of 23 percent of mothers is to be with their families. 13 percent of mothers think that a handmade gift is the perfect token for showing appreciation. It seems as if there is still some hope for students.

Here are some ideas: kidnap mum for a day and go to a museum (which is often free) or for a picnic (the weather forecast for Southampton promises 14 degrees and sun); go for a walk; or cook a nice meal (it does not have to be incredibly advanced, I’m sure mothers appreciate homemade scones, or a bowl of fresh salad). This is an inexpensive way of making sure mum is taken care of. And it has a bonus: you get to see her happy.

Handmade gifts are also a great way of giving a personal, thought-through present. Right, you might say, but I am really not the creative guy. Do not worry, this advice is applicable to everyone! Creating a collage of pictures reminding you and your mother of special memories is a moving gift. If you master the skill of writing, a poem or a text explaining how much you love your mum, can go with it. If not, a simple ‘I love you mum’ never fails. A personalised mouse mat can also be a fun gift; maybe a picture of the two of you, a beautiful text, or something your mother really likes. Seeds in a pot (can be bought or be found in the garden shed and repainted) will be a more long-lasting gift, where the growing plant can represent your love. Also, it makes mum never forget you.

It is often believed that the more expensive the gift, the better it is, but do not be fooled! Indeed, sometimes, it can even go wrong. 11 percent of mothers think that the worst gift is a household appliance. Cooking and cleaning supplies, and clothes that do not fit are also high on the list. For the perfect mother’s day gift, do not go for the obvious. Flowers, chocolate, a bottle of wine or bath salts are sure nice presents, but somewhat I-do-not-know-what-to-give-stylish. After all, spending some time with mum on her own day is, in this materialistic, stressed world, one of the most expensive presents you can ever find. Luckily, it suits student life perfectly.


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