Banish Hangover Blues: Tips to look a treat on no sleep.


I doubt there are many among us who can safely say that they look 100% after a 3am bedtime and an 8am wake up call. As students we are not prepared to ditch the parties in favour of a flawless complexion, bright eyes and a healthy glow, and we shouldn’t have to…here is how to achieve the ‘I just had eight hours of dreamy sleep’ look with a few saviour products.


If you’re a highly organised individual and have time after tackling the inevitable 3am munchies, then prevention could be better than cure. There are copious amounts of overnight creams on sale which promise radiant skin for that 9am lecture.

Student budget solution: Purity Organic Skincare Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser (only in Superdrug) £2.00

The morning after:

A nice refreshing face scrub can really revitalise tired skin. This recommendation is in apricot but there are a range of choices across many brands.

Student budget solution: St Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub, £4.38.

For bags of energy:

If you still look a bit tired due to tell-tale bags, try a quick roll-on which can reduce puffiness in the blink of an eye. 

Student budget solution: I would recommend Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel at a cool £1.52. Otherwise Soap & Glory ™ do a slightly more expensive Supereyes Supereyes™ Moisturising Eye Gel for £5.45.

Beat the hairmare:

If you’ve got time to shower, condition your hair for a beautiful, healthy shine and if not, try some dry shampoo or a leave-in conditioner for luscious locks.

Student Budget Solution: Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft Conditioner at £1.99 is always a winner. Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush is only £2.19 and gives hair a clean feeling without being too heavy.

Make up for lost time:

You may need to fake some lost shut-eye but this doesn’t mean piling on the make up. A tinted moisturiser gives necessary glow without need for heavy foundation; a touch of blusher and mascara can complete the look. If your skin lacks colour after a heavy night, a slick of lipbalm can be your saving grace.

Student Budget Solution: Nivea Visage Young be beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser at £4.98 adapts to any skin tone seamlessly while their Pearly Shine lipbalm is £2.34 and has subtle colour.

You’re ready to roll!


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