A far Cry from the Palace of Dreams? Kate’s Royal Lifestyle


For students, the Jewel in the Crown is a local takeaway; for Kate Windsor, it represents a whole new way of life. Now that she is married, what will Kate’s conversion to the royal lifestyle entail?

From an early age, Prince William has engaged in a range of charity work, perhaps inspired by his parents’ generous donation of time to the causes close to their hearts. He has been greatly involved with the poor in Africa, particularly with HIV victims, and has also supported many environmental causes. William has volunteered for the Red Cross, Centrepoint, a homeless charity, and with sick children at The Royal Marsden Hospital. He is patron for Mountain Rescue teams, having worked for them previously, and more recently for Tusk Trust who work with wildlife and also to promote education in Africa.

Regardless of status, the princes have always been keen to improve the lives of others; undoubtedly this is an area in which William’s new wife, Kate, will also want to be involved. A speech made by William at the start of this month only emphasised the importance of his charity work in his daily life:“I know that I am very fortunate: I have the support of my family and friends; I do a job I enjoy …and I have Catherine. But I have learnt, through working with some truly inspiring charities…that these things can never be taken for granted.” Though a prince, William truly seems down-to-earth and aware of how beneficial helping others can be, not simply for those who profit directly, but for personal development.

It is likely that on top of work for personal causes, the couple will also begin to take on some royal duties to alleviate the burden on Queen Elizabeth, 84, and Prince Philip who will be 90 this year. However, it has been announced recently that the Queen intends for William to continue his RAF career for at least two years with minimal duties to ensure that the royal couple have time to adjust to married life before being immersed in public affairs under the media spotlight. The newly-weds are going to live in a remote area of Wales, in order to find the privacy that would be unavailable to them if they immediately moved to a royal residence. They have been based in Anglesey until the big day; locals have reported their regular trips to the local pub and supermarkets, suggesting the pair’s desire to achieve as much normality as possible. Luckily, it looks like Kate may be able to break into her royal lifestyle gently, taking on the role of housewife to the William for the foreseeable future. However, the couple will be expected to abandon domestic bliss for worldwide tours following the wedding.

Whether you intend to overthrow the monarchy single-handedly following your degree, or are an enthusiastic royalist like me, there can be no denying that The Royal Family’s lifestyle is more than a throne’s throw away from simple. I for one don’t envy the pressures of the royal lifestyle destined for Wills and Kate; I enjoy my 6am trip to the co-op in my pyjamas body-guard free. Nevertheless, let’s hope that the royal couple embrace their new lifestyle and find the happiness that everyone – whichever palace you frequent – deserves.


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