Autumn Trends 2011


With autumn now under way, the Wessex Scene has looked into a few trends that are in for this season.

Star print is easy to add to your wardrobe, be it with star print tights or even a star print t-shirt. If you don’t want to wear star print you can don a starry accessory such as handbags or scarves. New look offers plenty of starry accessories and clothes and student-friendly prices.

After their popularity in the 90’s parkas are back for autumn 2011, they are both practical and stylish and very well timed for the rain that we face in our British autumns and winters.

For a more formal look, pencil skirts are here for the season. They add an air of sophistication to any outfit you have planned, perfect for any job interviews on the horizon. H&M have a student-friendly pencil skirt for £12.99.

You can go dotty with polka dots as they are expected to make a big comeback over the next few months. If they aren’t your thing, you can always add a bit of dottiness to your accessories such as a spotty bangle from New Look for £4.99.

Colour-wise deep jewel tones are a must for autumn, they will add warmth to any outfit you plan for the cold months ahead. Burgundy is an easy addition to any wardrobe or even jade green, be it with a jumper or even a dress for your club or societies winter ball.

Forget zebra or leopard-print, for autumn snake-print has slithered its way in. Granted snake-print is an acquired taste but it is going to make an appearance over the coming months whether we like it or not.

Blazers have been lurking in the fashion background for a while but this autumn they are coming into style in a big way. They can be worn with skinny jeans to lectures or over a dress on a night out. New look offers a student budget friendly blazer from £29.99.

Whether you’re a fashion follower or you like to dip into what’s in, you’re sure to find something to your taste this autumn.


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