America’s Best Kept Secret Makes It Across the Pond


America’s very own Victoria’s Secret is to open their first UK shop in 2012. With its flagship store destined for Bond Street in London, Victoria’s Secret is making that leap across from the USA, following the recent appearance of popular American fashion brand Forever 21 in our capital.

Famous for its luxurious lingerie and even more sensational models, Victoria’s Secret was originally set up back in 1977 by Roy Raymond, in a bid to ease the embarrassment of buying his wife underwear from the local department store. Now, over thirty years on, it is the must-have for any woman visiting America and planning on a shopping spree. Not only does it boast a wide range of lingerie, fit for those looking for luxury or comfort, but it is equally as renowned for its fabulous catwalk shows. Sleek and slender models such as Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sweep down the catwalk adorned with impressive feathered wings, earning any Victoria’s Secret Model the title of ‘Angel’. The incredibly bronzed and leggy women that model the lingerie are often cited as inspiration for dieters and so inevitably come under fire for setting unrealistic standards for women as part of the eternal battle with body image.

So is it worth the hype? Looking at the website, bra prices range from $29 to $68 (or, to you and me, £17.60 to £41.50), which is fairly similar to the much loved British High Street stores such as Ann Summers and La Senza. This comes as no surprise, since the store is owned by the same company that gave us the latter. There is no doubt that Victoria will take her place comfortably alongside Ann, providing us ladies with even more choice when shopping for a new bra, and many men with the pleasures of seeing Victoria’s ‘Angels’ plastered across store windows and magazine advertisements.

However, there is talk of the quality of the products provided. On blogs across the Internet, and in comments on news websites, numerous hints to poor quality and high prices indicate an early aversion to this new arrival. Words such as cheap, trashy and ‘rip-off’ are thrown around, shedding a shadow over the anticipation surrounding this news. It appears that whether the brand will live up to its glamorous image will remain to be seen.

With the expansion of the company destined to start in London, the brand hope to open smaller stores in malls across the country. It seems that it won’t be long until Victoria’s Secrets will be a regular find in many British women’s ‘Goodie Drawer’.


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    I love Victoria’s Secret’s stuff and have always gone when on holiday but I think by coming to the UK it could be at risk of hollister and abercrombie syndrome – ie. it could become so run of the mill it’s not special or different anymore! Hopefully it will just be the one London shop and I can go on a spending spree for a treat occasionally 🙂

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    I love looking at the Victoria Secrets stuff, but they suffer from the same problem as Ann Summers and La Senza – their best ranges are for small women only… despite this, I’ll welcome something more choice…my wallet however, may not!

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    Ladies, save your money. It’s all hype and overpriced! I’m from America and I’ve only ever bought lingerie from there on giftcards, because otherwise it just isn’t worth it. I also don’t support Victoria’s Secret endorsement of anorexic, surgically altered models as the epitome of absolute beauty and as a means of selling their products. I find England is much more open and diverse when it comes to labeling what’s beautiful, yet with the bringing in of all these American companies like Hollister, Abercrombie and now Victoria’s Secret, it seems the California prototype I was trying to get away from is following me. (!)

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