Go Green and Grow Your Own


Studies have shown that having plants in your room can boost your grades, create a peaceful environment and benefit your overall wellness. So how can we as students bring the outdoors indoors without compromising on space?

Plant Theatre:

Plant Theatre

An online shop that sells small kits for growing herbs and chillies, so whether you’re into hot and spicy or cool and tasty, you can grow your own ingredients as well as add to your room. The sets can also be found on other shopping sites.



There are similar sets to these. Giftrepublic.com boasts a huge range of ‘grow your own’ sets with fun concepts. Perfect for a gift for a housemate,  or even for yourself.

Beer Hop plant from Gift Republic
Beer Hop plant from Gift Republic

You can choose from beer hop plants, four leaf clovers, sweet peas and chamomile and many more, again giving you a practical plant as well as a nice addition to your home.




Plantabloomer selection

If you’re living with a green-fingered housemate or dating a fan of flowers, and they’re lucky enough to have a garden, these could be the perfect gift. These small, and very cute, paper shapes are dotted with seeds, allowing a patch of flowers to grow where they’re buried. Bury these gems in your lifeless garden and, with a little care and attention, you’ll have a flowerbed to be proud of. These could also be planted in a small pot, making them ideal for brightening up your room.




An Ikea cactus would be ideal for anyone wary of accidentally killing their pot plant.

If you’re willing to walk a little further, head down to Ikea, near the Odeon,  where you can find an abundance of plants and (if you’re not so green fingered) plastic plants to add to your collection. From the very pretty, to the very easy (cactus anyone) you could find anything to suit any taste. The possibilities are endless. And you don’t even have to go online.

In the same area, you’ll find Tesco HomePlus, Next Home and Argos, located in the West Quay Retail park, all of which should have something to take your fancy.

And it doesn’t end there. Keep your eyes peeled for Plant sales on campus, or head into town and buy a pot plant from a department store.


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