Out With The New And In With The Old


Affordable vintage fashion comes to Southampton.

Following fashion can be expensive. The latest trends seen in magazines are almost always out of the student’s price range. So why not go vintage? Generally speaking, vintage clothing is second hand, and therefore cheaper. Wearing vintage is also more environmentally friendly than buying brand new items of clothing, and at a time when so many designers are looking into history for inspiration, vintage clothing is bang on trend.

Wessex Lifestyle is always on the lookout for affordable looks, and for the fashionistas among you, there’s a treat in store. The UKs largest vintage marketplace is coming to Southampton Uni, and they will be selling vintage clothing and accessories at student-friendly prices.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair will be made up of over 40 stalls of vintage goodies, from t-shirts and skirts, to scarves and jewellery.

So if you want to deck yourself out in new clothing and accessories, but can’t afford to loosen your purse strings this may be the shopping opportunity for you.

Things to bear in mind when buying vintage:

1)      Size. Depending on how old the clothing is, the sizing may be different, so make sure you ask the sales person.

2)      Condition. The quality of older clothes has often deteriorated, so check for holes or missing buttons etc.

3)      Smell. Some vintage clothing has an undesirable, musky smell to it when you first buy it. Apparently adding a couple of cups of diluted white vinegar to the washing machine or sink will get rid of any odours… don’t take my word for it though. May be best to Google it.

The fair takes place on Sunday 9th October in the Garden Court, Building 40 (next to Stags), between 12 – 5pm. £1 entry with a student card.


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