Home Sweet Home: How to Settle in at Uni.


Homesickness can happen to anyone, from freshers to post-graduates. You’re not the first one to miss home, and you certainly won’t be the last, and there are plenty of things that can help you feel more settled.

Going home can help to relax you and, let’s face it, the home comforts are a bonus. So head home for a weekend, get a good night’s sleep, a home-cooked meal and you’ll probably feel ready to go back after a few days. Try not to make a habit of it, though, as you will become dependent and could start missing out on university life, making it even harder to be  away from home.

Keep calm and carry on. The worst thing you can do if you’re missing home is to hide yourself away in your room. Take a deep breath and be brave. Meet new people from your course by attending socials, and get chatting. Make the most of Fresher’s Week activities and just relax and try not to compare it to anything at home! Getting involved in a society can be the best thing to do so head to the Bunfight!

A good chat with some family and friends can really cheer you up. Getting updated on news from back home can make you feel closer to those who mean a lot to you. Gradually you’ll need to talk less and less and purely phone home because you want to, instead of needing to. Keep the conversation light and positive.

The likelihood is that within a few weeks the commitments and callings of student life will have helped you settle down and forget about missing home. Suddenly, planning the next night out, hitting deadlines for essays and presentations, and making sure your student loan will last long enough will be all you can think about. Although it may seem hard at first, nearly everyone will tell you that it gets much easier, and soon you won’t remember what life was like before you became a student.


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