Things Soton Students Love #1


Jesters: The infamous ‘palace of dreams’. Cheap drinks and plenty of outdoor seating. Fresher’s hear stories about Jesters when they first arrive, and no Fresher’s week is complete without a visit. Jesters has a reputation for being dirty and dingy… which it is, but with enough pre-drinking you won’t even notice. Top tip: buy some ‘Jester’s shoes’ especially… if you wear shoes you like they WILL get ruined.

Cube: The student union club. Last year launched Friday club night ‘Twisted’. The SU cinema is put to good use with all the seats being pushed to the side to create a large, square dancefloor… hence, ‘The Cube’. It is not the most popular venue , but the club is well located and the safety bus will take you home to your door.

Quad runs: In the halls I was in, Connaught, it was tradition for all freshers to run around the quad naked. All halls have an equivalent tradition of some sort, so make sure you take part or you’ll feel like you’ve missed out later on. Generous amounts of alcohol may be required before hand.


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