Bring On The Booze! Or Maybe Not…


So, I’m guessing a few of you may have heard of the
expression ‘Who ate all the pies?’ or even ‘Hey fatty bum bum have another cheesecake!’. I’m not too sure if the second saying is a Birmingham thing, but never the less you get the point. When we think of fat we think of food.

But how about drink? I’ve started to think that perhaps the saying ‘Who downed all the lagers?’ or even ‘Hey fatty bum bum have another cider!’ is more apt. Either one makes sense when you know what’s really in your drink.

SO… talking of lagers, just a pint of premium beer contains 330 calories eeek! Carling, a more cheap and cheerful version contains 187. Now, I’m not one for sexism buuuut I know lager is stereotypically for the boys and so calorie counting may not be high on the agenda, so I’ll put it in perspective for you: that’s a packet of Doritos crisps. Therefore… one pint is equal to one bag of crisps.

For men, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2500, and 2000 for women, and trusting that my maths is correct, it would mean that if a male consumes 10 pints of beer in one day, then they only have 670 calories left over for food intake that day (a kid’s meal at McDonalds). Not cool. It’s fine to go a bit overboard every now and then but watch
out, the beer belly could be looming just around the corner!

Now, onto those spirits. A pub double contains around 110 calories. Working in a bar, I see those vodka and cokes being ordered constantly, and I am always amazed at the very few people that opt for the diet version. I know, I know… ‘but it tastes different’, well maybe, but after a few, can you really tell the difference? Diet coke contains zero calories.
That’s right, nothing, nada, NOWT! Regular coke on the other hand, definitely has quite a
few more, and not forgetting the Red Bull… hello sugar!

If you’re more of a lemonade fan, it’s very rare you’ll find diet lemonade in pubs, but an alternative to try is lime and soda water. Gin also contains similar amounts of calories to vodka, so where possible opt to drink it with slim line tonic, you won’t gain as much weight and you’ll feel posh in doing so.

A favourite student pre-drink is wine, due to its cheapness. We know it’s made from grapes but this is one time when fruit is not so good for you. 120 calories in a small glass of red wine and 130 calories in a small glass of white; these glasses may be small, but that calorie intake isn’t. A moment on the lips…. a long time on the hips.

Next time you raise a glass, think twice. We’re not saying don’t drink, but maybe a gym membership could be in order if you aim to stay trim and slim.


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    James 'the showman' Shaw

    Very good read and some useful information. I will certainly take note of this now and make sure I cut my alcohol intake and increase my gym workout.
    I love the saying ‘Hey fatty bum bum have another cheesecake!’ i gurantee i will be using that. xxx

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