Mix Up Your Evening; Make Your Own Cocktails.


With essay deadlines fast-approaching and  student loans fast disappearing, social lives can be the last thing on your mind. However there is no excuse to just stay in bed and watch Come Dine with Me (reserve this right for those cold winter afternoons). Instead, try something different, get a group of friends together and have a Cocktail night!

The first step for my night was to get a group of friends together, asking everybody to buy one cheap spirit (economy brands of course) and one cheap carton of juice. After mixing up some questionable combinations, we each created our own signature cocktail, and had a competition as to whose was the best. The night may not have had the air of sophistication that a swanky cocktail bar may have (drinking cocktails out of mugs and pint glasses may have contributed to this), but it was a cheap, fun and relaxed evening, and we didn’t have to brave the Autumn weather.

Here are some of the delicious combinations which we came up with, with the specific measurements (give or take a splash or two):

Apple and Raspberry Mojito (Per glass):                                                                            

Image by Nicola Manuel: Illustration

2 Shots of Rum

250 mls of Apple and Raspberry Juice

A handful of Mint

A handful of ice.


Banana Daiquiri:

2 shots of Rum

One Banana

1 t/s sugar

200 mls Milk

A handful of ice

(All blended together)


White Chocolate Russian:

1 Shot of Coffee Liquor

1 Shot of White Chocolate Side-Kick

1 Shot of Vodka

200 ml Milk

1 tsp. vanilla essence.

A handful of Ice


I'm a second year student reading English. I'm nearing twenty (scary) and am originally from Surrey. I live in Portswood (as most of us do) and intend to continue writing in some form as a career in the future.

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