Movember 2011 – An Introduction


Twelve years ago, a group of intrepid young Australians had a dream. A dream that the men of the world would come together and, for one month, collectively abandon the act of shaving.

Their reasons aren’t clear and it is hard really to understand where they came up with the idea. Just as it is difficult to discern whether it was a good idea at all. Regardless, Movember is now an international campaign and promotes many Men’s Health issues around the world.

And so today we honour the memory and precedent of these brave souls by acting just as they did, and not shaving for the month of Movember.

A mustache has many different and scientifically acknowledged benefits. You will notice that the big 3 Totalitarian Dictators (Hitler, Stalin and Castro) all sported impressive mustaches. This has given rise to the ‘Power Mo’ theory.

Equally indisputable is the ‘Sexual Mo’ theory, which argues that a Mustache is a visual aphrodisiac. After all, most male pornstars are mustache wearers.

Recently however, Mustache theory has been very much dominated by the ‘Gillette School’ which advocates going clean-shaven everyday. With the official Movember start date (October 31st or Shadowe’en) just days away though, the resurgence of classic mustache debates is quite simply heart-warming.

Information regarding the rules and origins of Movember can all be found on There is also a glossary of relevant terms and a list of excuses to use when your Mo motives are questioned.

With all this in mind, I ask all the Men of Southampton to put those Bics in the bin and join me in this celebration of manhood. I’ll be posting weekly to let you know how the Mo is going and, depending on the success of the Mo, will add pictures also.


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