Movember – Week 1


First week down and irritation is the word. Most unfortunately the correlation between appearance and discomfort is, at this point, most definitely skewed. So much so that I was questioned the other day as to whether I had actually started my Movember; suffice to say I was picking my ego up off the floor for the rest of the day.

As such, I won’t be posting a photo at this point. I’m confident that a successful Mo will come into fruition in the near future, but until then I’ll just hope that I can sneak across campus without recognition (easier than you think as it turns out).

I shan’t be giving up just yet, however, as I have recently come across evidence for a new and exciting type of Mo. They call it, ‘The Mo of Understanding’ and was pioneered by American Journalist Thomas Friedman. Consider the aura of wisdom and knowledge which can be conveyed with a successful Moustache. It is hardly suprising that several British Prime Ministers employed the Mo, including David Lloyd George and Neville Chamberlain (even Maggie Thatcher looked tempted), in order to project an image of confidence in the Commons.

Similarly, two of the three greatest US Presidents of all time (Lincoln and T. Roosevelt but not Washington) were Moustache Men. One can’t help but look upon the waning popularity of incumbment President Obama and wonder: ‘Where is the Mo?’ Surely that would encourage the citizens of the USA to realise that this is a man who knows what he is doing.


In spite of my slow progress, I hope that many Southampton men are on their way to Mo glory. For those who haven’t already considered it,  Movember is a great way to raise money for charity.

Whilst we have conceded October to the promotion of Women’s Health issues, Movember is the time for men to shine. Movember UK is particularly supportive of Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer charities, domestically and internationally.

The UK campaign was able to raise an incredible £11.6m last year for men’s charities, more than double the US contribution and more than 10 times the Irish contribution. Unfortunately the UK is still in the Silver position, as the Ozzies were able to raise over £17m for Mo charities worldwide.

The Southampton University Surf Club has launched a club-wide Movember campaign in order to raise money for the Surfer Against Sewage Campaign. This is a not-for-profit environmental pressure group committed to improving the quality of oceans and beaches around the UK.

Animal Rights charities have also taken advantage of Movember. After all the original intention of Movember was to raise money for the RSPCA through the ‘Growing Whiskers for Whiskers’ Campaign.

The point is that during Movember we should look to help Men’s charities but not exclusively. And we who sport face furniture for charity should be proud of our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas.

If any other Southampton Society is Mo-ing it up for a good cause please let the Lifestyle section know at or in the comment section below.


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