Movember – Week 2


I had intended, in this article, to focus on the efforts of Southampton University Societies and what they have done to support Movember. I still plan to do this, but something has recently come to my attention which I had to address immediately.

I was so caught up with the idea of Movember, of a month of solidarity for men. What I hadn’t considered was the impact this would have on women. I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate a heartfelt apology to all women at Southampton University.

Do women not get to show their support for men’s charities? Are we implying that women don’t care about things like prostate cancer or testicular cancer? Women hate cancer just as much as men, and it’s time they had a chance to show that.

That is why the visionaries at the men’s lifestyle website last year invented the ‘Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day!’ On November 18th Mo Sistas around the world  unite to help men in their collective fight against cancer.

The following video will explain everything you need to know and is by far one of the most inspiring videos ever made.

Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day

I look forward to seeing everyone out in Portswood on Friday to support Movember (I’m not saying that if you aren’t out on Friday that you don’t care about cancer, but being in Jester’s is an easy way to avoid such accusations).

Well enough with that, back to the actual point of the article. I’m pleased to announce that the moustache has finally been noticed and, in my opinion, well received. This has given me the confidence to actually upload my first picture. It’d be really cool if you guys didn’t destroy me in the comments section of this page.

Also, if you’re growing a Mo for charity or with a society please let the Lifestyle section know so that we can mention it in the next article.


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