The Magic of Christmas comes to Southampton


On November 17th, the countdown to Christmas began in our small city of Southampton. Just before six, the Mayor turned on the Christmas lights in the Marland’s Mall, lighting up every single light, every single kid’s desire to wait for Christmas. That magical day when the kids will wake up to find their presents wrapped up, underneath the Christmas tree. But until that day of course, the citizens of Southampton can visit the Christmas Market that spreads all over Above Bar Street, holding small surprises not only for the kids, but also for the adults of any age.

The Christmas spirit was all over town on the 17th, with an adorable Santa walking around town, talking to the younger kids, while our band filled everyone with joy as they got the chance to sing along various Christmas songs. This year, the Carousel is once again in place to excite everyone with just £1.50.

Comparing last year’s celebrations, this time Southampton has the privilege of its own ice skating arena, where anyone can enjoy 45 minutes of ice skating for only £7.50, even whether you know how to ice skate or you simply want to have a cracking laugh with your friends as you all fall over again and again.

As for the food? Whether you want to try one of those German sausages everyone’s talking about, or simply treat yourself with a delicious dessert, everything’s on the menu. The filled crepes bring heaven down to earth, while the honey peanuts and the strawberries covered in chocolate leave you craving more.

A trip to town these days is definitely a must, by anyone staying in Southampton and for the ones who have yet to decorate their homes, it’s just the best opportunity to do so, with every shop providing offers on Christmas decorations.

The Christmas Market provides an entire month of Christmas spirit and happiness to let every student out there take their minds off those boring deadlines for a while and provide that extra boost to keep you going until you get back home.


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