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Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair is a haven of all things related to fashion. From a selection of one-off hand-crafted jewellery, luxurious 1920s coats to loud ‘80s knitwear, the fair has it all.

Judy Berger, the curator, started up the fair six years ago. Berger was tired of going to vintage fairs and shops that had an unsaid policy of “look, but don’t touch”. The Fair is, as it suggests, affordable. With prices starting from £1 for small items such as rings and scarves and going up to £100 for a beautiful 1950s dress, the fair caters for all budgets. It is important to Judy that students can shop at the fair whilst keeping to a low budget. The curator says: “every stall has a sale rail or a bargain bin…students can find something cheap but with the history of vintage, or something that they can take home, change around and fix up themselves.”

The stalls all have their own tale to tell as well as the clothes: Made at the Wishing Well is run by Felicity and Gemma who are local designers that make unique jewellery by recycling old toys, bottles and even scrabble pieces to form their eclectic collection. Charming Magpies, in Winchester, are sellers and buyers of vintage clothing with a popular range of ‘80s knitwear from £15 – £25 (plus student discount). Then there are sellers like Sue, who sells her personal collection of vintage bags, shoes and clothing because it’s gotten too big for her house!

I talked to students from both Southampton and Winchester about their thoughts, budgets, and buys:

Caitlin Jordan, Medicine, second year:

Caitlin Jordan, 2nd Year, Medicine

Q: “Were you looking for anything in particular, or did you find something you weren’t expecting to?”

A: “Not really, but I found a shirt and some jewellery.”

Q: “What was your budget for today?”

A: “‘I took out £20 and I haven’t used all of it.”

Q: “What’s your style?”

A: “‘I wear a combination of high street and vintage. My outfit is Topshop with a vintage jumper from a charity shop.”


Queenie Lee, Sociology, third year and Nikki McMullen, Psychology, third year:

Q: “Were you looking for anything in particular today?”

Queenie Lee, 3rd Year, Sociology and Nikki McMullen, 3rd Year, Psychology

A: (Nikki) “I’m looking out for dresses but not any particular vintage style.”

Q: “What are your favourite shops for finding vintage pieces?”

A: (Both) “Scope and Age UK in Portswood are both really good for vintage–looking pieces.”


Erin Keen, Illustration (Winchester School of Art), second year:

Q: “Were you looking for anything in particular today?”

Erin Keen, 2nd Year, Illustration and her brother Charlie

A: “I wanted a tweed jacket and some denim shorts, and I’ve found both!”

Q: “What was your budget for today?”

A: “£50, but that includes travel.”

Q: “Do you have a style icon or someone you admire?”

A: “I like Alexa Chung’s style.”


Lucy Lieng, English, second year:

Q: “How did you find out about the fair?”

Lucy Lieng, 2nd Year, English, and her friend Lucy

A: “I found out online, on Judy’s site.”

Q: “Where’s your outfit from?”

A: “My playsuit is from Matalan and my sunglasses are from a charity shop.”

Q: “What are your favourite shops for finding vintage pieces?”

A: “Charity shops are always good and I always find something in Cancer Research UK in Winchester.”


As for Judy herself, she wears a mix of highstreet and vintage. Her style icons include old movie stars such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford but she makes sure to mix the old with the new.

So whatever your taste, or budget, the fair will have something for you.

Judy. Fair organiser

Judy’s affordable vintage fair will be back in February 2012.


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