One Week Without…Make-Up.


This article is part of the ‘One Week Without’ series, where someone has to live without something they heavily rely on for seven days.

It is my lucky job to live without…drum roll please…make-up! ‘Good lord’ is a phrase that springs to mind. Nearly every woman in the 21st century has to deal with the pressures of looking presentable and attractive in society, and a staggering number can’t even leave the house without some makeup on. So how will one week without make-up make a difference to my life?

Friday 21st October, 8:00am:

So. Day One of not wearing any make-up begins. And I feel like crap.

This may be because I have been ill with a horrific cold/cough
for over a week now, but I feel the whole not-wearing-any-make-up experience
may have contributed to my feeling rubbish. The fact that I look horrific
doesn’t even bear thinking about.

However, things are on the up because my only lecture of the day isn’t until 5pm. That’s only for an hour, so I can cope with minimal sightings of me in this state.

Saturday 22nd October, 5:06pm:

What a palaver.
Not only do I go out shopping without make-up AND having forgotten to straighten my hair, I start having a coughing fit on the bus. So naturally, I turn even redder when the guy in the seat next to me offers me some water…needless to say my colour corrective foundation would have come in quite handy. Another day, and I’m really rather missing my makeup.

Sunday 23rd October, 4:28pm:

Today I’m begining to feel somewhat liberated without my make-up. I have decided that the ability to rub my eyes without the worry of panda eyes is a great feeling. Maybe this is a breakthrough!

However, I fear that this feeling will evaporate when it
gets to my 9 o’clock lecture tomorrow morning…

Monday 24th October, 7:20am:

I’m still feeling like rubbish, and am still yet to be convinced that abandoning my foundation was a good idea. I’m not sure if my attitude will change for the better after all.

Tuesday 25th October, 9:30pm:

So I’ve just got in from Strings, and I catch a glimpse of myself in the lift mirror. It surprises me how quickly I forget that I don’t have make-up on. However, that makes the realisation that I am bare faced an even bigger crash down to earth, and that people aren’t actually looking at my fabulously long lashes, but the massive shadows under my eyes.

Wednesday 26th October, 10:03pm:

This whole not-wearing-any-make-up thing is starting to get me down. I want my mascara back!  But tomorrow is the real test: the big night out…which I am NOT looking forward to. The best part of a night out is getting ready! This doesn’t seem very fair.

Thursday 27th October, 7:30pm:

So it’s the big night. And also the last day of not wearing make-up! I may be a little too excited about the prospect of getting to wear it all again. Even though technically it’s a Histsoc Halloween social, I don’t have the energy to dress up, therefore I am taking some fake blood with me and that will have to do.

Friday 28th October, 2:33am:

Such a good night!
Although I did feel the need to tell every person I came into contact with that I was taking part in a week without make-up…not that I was self-conscious at all…

So that’s that. I successfully completed my week without make-up.  And you know what, it has actually taught me something…I now know NEVER to go out without make-up again! I suppose it goes to show just how much one tiny bit of mascara makes a difference to how you feel. I suppose for some, it might have been a liberating and eye-opening experience, proving that make-up isn’t everything, but that wasn’t the case for me. It totally depends on the person. For now, though, I can’t wait to go out without worrying about looking tired – where’s my concealer?



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