Things Soton Students Love #2


House parties: They become much more common in second and third year, and are usually based in Portswood. The preferred method of house party advertising is via Facebook. Just make sure you know someone who lives in the house or someone who knows someone who lives in the house, otherwise you may feel slightly awkward and unwanted.

Dominos Pizza: The best bit about Dominos is that they always say it will take 40minutes for your pizza to arrive, and it never does! Therefore, it always makes you extra happy. Though usually very expensive, on Tuesdays the scrumptious pizzas are 2 for the price of 1.

Pre-drinking: Ah, the cheaper way to loose your dignity. Pre-drinking is always a favourite with students, purely because of its money-saving qualities. There are also a number of drinking games to play which will ensure pre-drinking never gets boring.



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