Swap Shop Tales


“But really, I doubt I have anything for the swap shop…”

Half an hour later with my bedroom upturned I successfully walked out of the door with a bag filled with clothes that are no longer used.

Swap Shop. Have you ever heard of it? This was my first experience and here I am to tell the tale. It started by building a collection of clothes in the middle of the room, and then selecting a lead person to showcase the items, everyone else sat comfortably.

With eager eyes, we leapt onto whichever item appeared from the bag, our hands waiting to be thrown in the air with keen interest. It’s surprising to see what clothes people want to be rid of, and in exchange take the clothes in which you want to be rid of.

Seven bags of clothing later, a few awkward glances at the reject pile and I happily took my own pile of clothes with pride on my lap. The swap shop draw to a halt.

You take the first item and put it on with pride. It feels new on your skin, a fresh look that you may have not originally gone for. You stand there admiring this new top or cardigan, admiring the fact that you have obtained this look for the cost of well… nothing!

My experience of swap shop was successful, and I highly recommend creating a social for it with your friends! There is no better way to gain new clothes than to see what other people want to swap with your own. Not only is it fun, but also it is very cost efficient so it does not eat into your bank balance like any other shopping experience will.

So get on the phone to your friends, arrange a date with your wardrobe to see what it will give you and have a bag prepared. You never know what kind of outfit you will end up with.



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