Movember 2011 – Week 4: ‘Mo Bros’ on Campus


The Lifestyle Section armed themselves with cameras on Monday 28th November to have a look at just how successful Movember has been at Southampton. Here are the some of the best Mo Bros we saw and their reasons for participating in Movember:

Tom (3rd Year, English) :

‘The whole rowing squad had to – otherwise I might not have done it. They really itch after a while!’






Dominic (4th Year, Civil Engineering):

‘Mainly just to increase awareness for prostate cancer charities.’






Priyanth and Jae (PhD Students, ORC):

‘Supporting the face of mens’ health!’





Anthony (1st Year, English):

‘I also think it has quite a good aesthetic appeal – it helps me look a little more exotic! It’s fairly practical too.’






Julien (Post-Graduate, Maritime Engineering):

‘Coming from France, where this isn’t widely done, I though it was a good way to feel the English Spirit! So my friend and I decided to just do it for fun.’



Optoelectronics Research Centre:

For the third year in a row the ORC’s (Optoelectronics Research Centres) halls are packed with moustaches, taking time out from research to grow some of the most stylish taches on campus. You can peruse their team page at



And, finally, my very own efforts are not to be forgotten:


(Will, 2nd Year, Politics)






Firstly a big thank you to all those who took the time out to chat to us, and congratulations on a successful Movember. We can only hope that what we saw today is an accurate reflection of the Movember campaign in Southampton, the UK and the world.

The Movember Campaign in the UK has been a huge fundraising tool to The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research. The Movember Foundation is now also a registered charity and helps to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer as well as funding medical research.

On Thursday morning men everywhere will be arming themselves with Gilettes or Wilkinsons (or Bics more probably) and running straight for the sink. Hopefully, however, the memories will remain, the message shall be remembered,  and we can all look forward to awful Facebook photos being shown to the whole family over the holidays.


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