How To Do a Student Christmas


The evenings grow darker, the lights grow brighter, the smell of snow is in the air and the excitement deepens within you.

It’s nearly time for Christmas!

Christmas needs to be celebrated before everyone goes back home for the holidays and there is no better way of doing it than having a Christmas themed evening. First though it entails a bit of food shopping, but rest assured you only need a few items (see recipe below for ingredients).

So what can you make? Try your hand at these two simple recipes for homemade mulled wine and mince pies, no better two combinations.

Nicola Manuel: Illustration

Mulled Wine Student Style:

2 bottles of red wine


12 cloves stuck into…

4 oranges and apple juice.

It’s simple- you literally put it all into a large pot and put it on the hob for a short amount of time to warm through. Just remember don’t let it boil otherwise that alcohol will disappear!

Nicola Manuel: Illustration

Mince Pies Student Style:

Shortcrust Pastry

Jar of Mincemeat (shop brought)

And an egg


Line a cake tin with butter, whilst your oven preheats at 250c. Roll out and cut your pastry into circles, allowing some remaining to be the top. Place the circles in the tin, fill with mincemeat and place that extra bit of pastry on top (you could be really fancy and cut stars to act as the lid). Whisk your egg in a bowl and cover the top just to get that bit of crunch. Whack your mince pies in the oven and leave to cook for 20minutes and bam you’re done.


During this cooking period you need those Christmas tunes on full blast, it is a must that you include Shakin’ Stevens, Slade and Wizard.

When your mulled wine is mulled and the mince pies are cooked you can snuggle down in front of a Christmas film of your choice- no matter how many times you have watched it.

Happy Holidays!


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