Fashion vs. Freeze


So, you thought you’d got away with it; Christmas has come and gone, as have exams, and at that point we could all still get by with just a jacket (or a jumper for most students). Alas, January has turned into February, and the time has come when even a coat and jumper combined are not enough.

Belt twin pack, £7.99, H & M

Spring trends are in and it’s all about soft pastels, florals, ‘50s dresses, bikinis, sandals… the list goes on, exuding sunshine, the sweet smell of summer and, well, fake tan. Reality , however, does not. My morning routine now includes the heinous task of layering on everything in my wardrobe.  First a vest, followed by another vest, maybe another if it’s still complete darkness when I look outside, followed by some long-sleeved layers, then a jumper, and finally a coat. There have been times when I’ve considered bringing out my monster of a jacket from a one-time skiing attempt. Not quite the trend-setting outfit I might have hoped for.

Pork pie style hat, £7.99, H & M


The reality of the situation is that the current weather has beaten down the spring fashion forecast, and, luckily for our penniless purses, our winter wardrobes can live on a little longer. When living in the minus figures (both climate and bank account) keep shapes and accessories in mind. You’ve got boots, you’ve got a coat, jumpers, jeans, the basics are there and so is some warmth. To stop your outfit becoming as grey and dull as the skies, add a bit of colour with a skinny belt to cinch in your coat creating a fresh shape and controlling the bulging layers underneath. Or be inventive with hats, scarves and gloves. Mix clashing prints or try wearing your scarf in different ways; wrapping, twisting or tying. Underneath the coat, layer strategically. Layer up different lengths of sleeve or vary the fabric – go for different materials such as fur, wool, or silk.

Scarf, £16, Topshop

As tempting as it is to roll out of bed, put on an array of knitwear and stumble out the door, the freezing weather doesn’t have to stop you looking good. The battle against the freeze just means being a little more inventive with what you already have, though there’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel better by seeking out a few purchases for when the weather turns around.


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