Sloppy Saturdays


It’s been a long week and Saturday evening arrives. The clock hand is slowly ticking towards 7pm and you want an evening without spending too much money. Going out just seems the wrong option so what can you do instead? 

  • Movie Night in with the friends. If you’ve had a stressful week then go for either comedy or romance, nothing beats a good cry whether it’s from laughing or sadness. If your week has been reasonably well then opt for a film that might just make you think. The kind of film that makes you go ‘ooh’ at the end.  Ask around as to what films everyone has, you’d be surprised what you’ll find or Blockbusters always do good student deals. If you join up today at your local store you receive a 2 week free trial on movies.
  • Cookery Night. Cook something new and try your culinary skills on something that you thought you’d never cook. You could gather a group of friends together to split buying the ingredients so to save on the bank balance.
Image: Isaac Whitcombe


  • Cocktail Night. There is nothing like a bit of mixing up alcohol to make your taste buds fizz. Look up a few recipes and divide up the alcohol and mixers. Make sure you’ve got tunes on in the background too.

  • Board game evening. Ask around as to who’s got what games or visit some local charity shops for a bit of board game madness. Remember, no cheating!

  • Come Dine With Me. We’ve all seen it so you know the rules. Get a group together who are willing to participate over a few nights and let the meals begin. Sausage et mash, eat your heart out.

So try your hands at one of these and see by not going out you can have an amazing time, there is always another weekend to go out drinking.


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