Southampton Students “Cooking up a Social Storm”


A group of students from the University have recently developed a new social network community titled Student Nosh which is encouraging students from all over the country to submit their photos and recipes of meals they cook up for themselves during the week. From decorative cakes and homemade profiteroles to full roast dinners with all the trimmings, the page has become a conduit for sharing and discussing meals that are ideal for comfort food, post-workout nourishment and quick fixes before lectures.

The community is the brainchild of five management students in their final year, and having already attracted attention from students from Southampton to Nottingham, it seems that the group who want users to ‘#tweetwhatyoueat‘ has succeeded in encouraging students to find their inner Gordon Ramsay and take to the kitchen.

Tom Jourdan, co-founder of the new online community, told the Wessex Scene, “every day you’ll see that a friend on a social network has uploaded a photo of a meal that they’ve made and are proud of. It occurred to us that there wasn’t a centralised community online where people can show off their creations to other students, as well as get ideas for meals on a budget or for a post-gym session, and that’s how Student Nosh was born.”

Be honest, who doesn’t want to show off a really good meal they’ve made?

Tom Jourdan
Co-founder of 'Student Nosh'

“The content is exclusively driven by user contribution, and so far we have had some amazing uploads and discussions from students at the University here and from elsewhere in the country because it’s so accessible to students everywhere.” Tom also hinted at the potential of a Student Nosh website should the community really take off, suggesting live (possibly naked) cook-offs uploaded through their social media platforms, and potentially hosting Q&A evenings with a professional chef, as well as a host of other features.

From trademark recipes to one-offs that you’ve pulled off in style Student Nosh is certainly ‘cooking up a social storm’ amongst students.

Find Student Nosh on Facebook here and on Twitter here.



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    Pretty poor website to be honest, plenty of the meals are well out of the student budget and hardly any have recipes attached. Just seems like the owners and their mates posting pictures of their diners!

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      Hi Johnny,

      Many thanks for your constructive comments.

      As one of the co-creators of Student Nosh, I’d like to say that we appreciate your opinions and take them on board. Any improvements we can make to the Student Nosh community will be taken with great consideration, as after all we are hoping to provide value and enjoyment to our users.

      We’d like to think that the majority of the meals posted on Student Nosh are realistically within the student budget. They are posted by students after all. In addition, you may like to know that we are currently in the process of running several competitions; one of which involves a budget student meal category. We’d be interested to be see what you’re cooking up!

      We look forward to any contributions you make to the page in the future, and if you have any further suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

      All the best,
      The Student Nosh Team

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