Introducing…The Cake Decorating Society


So, did you completely forget about Pancake Day like me? Or just couldn’t be bothered to go and get eggs and lemon juice? Well I’m glad I did. Despite my evident lack of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, I had an amazing evening with the Cake Decorating Society decorating cupcakes at their first ever event!

The Cake Decorating Society Committee

I arrived at the activities room to find multiple tables with lots of brand new decorating equipment (all very impressive and professional looking) along with the whole committee smiling and welcoming everyone into the room. First we snipped our piping bags, filled them with icing and waited in awe, looking at the committee in their matching aprons. Ironically the demonstration on how to actually use the piping bag to make a swirl of icing on the cupcake, could only be seen by 20% of the room. The rest of us heard the “round round, down up” instruction and took matters into our own hands.

After icing our first cupcakes, everyone was proud of their efforts and surprised by how good the icing looked simply by using a piping bag. However, everyone then started icing their second cupcake and quickly realised that the first perfect looking cupcake was clearly a fluke by every single member in the room – mine for example, could only be described as a half melted Mr Whippy special!

Then came the introduction of edible spray paint. Feeling slightly like the presenter of 60 Minute Makeover, I placed my Mr Whippy failure onto some cardboard and carefully sprayed it with red paint – and voilà …a red Mr Whippy failure! We were told that if anything had turned out to be a disaster, we could scrape the icing off and start again – at this point Mr Whippy had a quick and painless reincarnation. Following the spray paint, we were given a large piece of fondant, some cutters and sprinkles and essentially told to go mental with them. After finishing the third and final cupcake, that was the end of the taster session. Everyone then realised it was either a case of carefully carrying the 3 cupcakes home, or like me…simply eating them.

So why set up a Cake Decorating Society? Sameer Patel, the society’s president explained why, “ I wanted to start a society early on and thought it would be an exciting yet rewarding challenge. I have a fairly good knowledge of the cake decorating industry (from past work experience) and given the massive rise in popularity in baking and decorating, thought it would be a great idea”.

I wanted to start a society early on and thought it would be an exciting yet rewarding challenge

Sameer Patel
President - Cake Decorating Society

With the recent massive interest in baking, is it any wonder that the Cake Decorating Society was set up? Series two of The Great British Bake Off saw it’s highest ever ratings last year, peaking at over 5 million viewers. The population tuned in to see the contestants bake marvellous and intricate creations and then decorate them into amazing masterpieces. With easy-to-bake recipes and step by step decoration instructions, it seemed like everyone in the country suddenly wanted to start baking.

So, if you’re in the mood to learn how to make fondant roses, pipe some icing using a 1M nozzle or simply want some fun and a chill out, the Cake Decorating Society sounds like your best bet.


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    Dear Elaine I have done exactly the way to say for the pairerpteon of the Icing, one egg white for 1lb. of icing sugar. syphoned then mixed, little water, flooded my templet, let it dry for 2 days, but my icing is still slightly soft in the middle so when I try to remove it from the waxed paper it always breaks this si my fourth try please help thanks

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