One Week With… An iPad


Is it worth forking out a small fortune for an iPad? What can you actually do with one anyway? I have been trusted with an iPad for one week in order to answer these questions.

Monday January 30th – My first impression of the iPad is that it is heavier than I was expecting. However, it looks great. Large, clear screen with loads of fun apps. Spent a while playing on paint (David Hockney famously made various pieces of artwork using iPads, but I’m no David Hockney. Check out my artwork below), on the guitar and piano apps. After a while of this, however, I started to wonder why people own iPads… what am I supposed to do with it apart from procrastinate?

Tuesday January 31st – Downloaded a song and listened to it on repeat for a while. The sound quality is incredible and the volume can be turned up very loud. I danced around my room on my own for a while.

Wednesday February 1st – Downloaded a film and watched it in bed. As the iPad is unsupported, you have to either lean it against something or hold it upright, which is uncomfortable when you just want to relax. The film also took about an hour to download but once it had it was very good quality image and sound.

Thursday February 2nd – Tried to write some notes and started to get frustrated. Everything takes a ridiculously long time on an iPad and typing with two fingers is tedious. (However, I did ask other people about this and they were very keen on taking notes with the iPad. One benefit of taking notes with the iPad is that you can take them with you everywhere and email them to yourself very easily so that all the work you do is backed up).

Friday February 3rd – I’m a bit lost for things to do with the iPad. My friends who have iPads tell me they mainly use them for watching films, keeping themselves organised and using social media, so I spent a while on Facebook and Twitter. I also played around with the camera function, taking pictures of anything and everything and uploading them directly online.

Saturday February 4th – The novelty of having an iPad has completely worn off and I haven’t even had it for a week yet. It’s basically just a large iPhone with no 3G internet connection. The battery life is great though. I’ve only had to charge it once and I haven’t turned it off properly all week.

After spending a week with an iPad, I think the experience was wasted on me. Personally, I would have no use for an iPad in my life because I already have a laptop and an iPhone. The iPad is undoubtedly good for learning new things, with downloadable apps for history, geography, Shakespeare, languages, sign language, musical instruments, astronomy, anatomy, physics, fractions and spelling, as well as organisational diary apps, but none of this really interested me and I didn’t have the time to just play around on the various apps. However, I know other students with iPads who use them daily and wouldn’t leave home without them. If you don’t already have an iPhone, then I’m sure an iPad would be a great investment. Although expensive (around £400) and without any internet without a wi-fi connection, the iPad is a good, portable, organisational and leisure device, it just wasn’t for me.


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    “One benefit of taking notes with the iPad is that you can take them with you everywhere and email them to yourself”

    This was the point at which I realised that you had no idea what you were talking about.

    If you are emailing yourself notes, you are doing something seriously wrong. Apps like Evernote (or Elements, Writer, Pages, Koder, and many others) will sync notes with Dropbox or other services.

    Also, at £400 it might be ‘expensive’, but it is difficult to get a tablet for less than that.

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      I have an iPad that I use for notes all the time. Emailing notes to myself was becoming a bit of a hassle, and using convenient cloud services lets the government spy on me. Instead, I take photos of the iPad screen whilst it’s displaying my notes, print the image and send it to my mum who stores it in a filing cabinet at home.

      A simple solution for a very simple man.

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    You are totally wrong in nearly every way. In 1983 I bought a 20 pound IBM laptop with small amber screen, two 256 K floppy drives, 256 K memory and no hard drive for $ 5000. The new iPad is a million times more powerful and you couldn’t buy it for a million dollars then. So much for expensive. It’s actually extremely cheap for what you get and what you can do with it. I read a lot, google a lot, use entertainment and knowledge-based apps a lot, and utilize web-based apps a lot to interact with many friends and strangers accross the world, all for free or very little on the iPad. Here in China there are many free web apps with which you can watch instant streaming newcasts, movies, videos, and TV documentaries without spending a penny. I spend at least 5-6 six hours nearly every day on my iPad while previously I didn’t spend half as much as that a week on my laptop or phone. Then try lugging around two hundred great books to read coveniently wherever you want. That’s how many I have on my iPad for free, while it would have cost $5000 in hardback. The iPad has become an indispensable part of my life, so much so that I now hardly ever use my apple laptop. In my opinion the iPad is worth much more than it’s price just for the convenience of two free apps: Huffington Post and Al Jazeera, and you can watch them for free even in remote places. And just imagine there are countless other great apps like these. Consider what a great entertainment, productivity, and learning tool it is for everyone, even toddlers, children, and the elderly. And that’s why it’s selling in it’s millions notwithstanding negative and shallow reports like yours.

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      Yara Silva

      The review is my personal opinion and I clearly state at the end that I found that the iPad was ‘not for me’. I know plenty of people who have iPads and love them, as you do, and I also included some comments that they had made so that the review was not completely biased. As for the comment about the expense – it may be a good investment and you may get what you pay for but there is no doubting that £400 is a lot of money for most students. Thanks for your comment though, I am aware that the iPad is a great invention and that they have sold in their millions, but I was asked to write a review and thought it was best to write my honest opinion. Thanks again 🙂

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        Appreciate your honesty and response Ms. Silva. Sorry if I came on a bit too strongly, but I really do feel that way about the iPad as it has enrichened my life so much, and no doubt that of countless others. The first thing I did this morning was have a cup of tea and then lounge in bed with my iPad 2 to do a myriad of things including writing this response to you. Just a little concerned about the heft of the new iPad as I would have preferred something even a little lighter than the present iPad 2 as I do hold it up for hours. Wish you all the best.

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    I’ve been toying with the idea of splurging on an Ipad but I have NO knowledge of how it works or how it’s supposed to enhance my life, so the idea of me buying one seems really silly. I seem to be fine with what I already have. Somehow, still, I want one. *facepalm*

    So thanks for helping put a sobering perspective on things!

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    Just as a change of pace… I would probably agree with you, Yara. It seems that anything an iPad can do, I can do it on my laptop, iPod and/or Android smartphone, and I won’t have to carry around a big tablet all day. It seems there is no ‘unique’ use for the iPad, and there would have to be for me to bother spending any money on one.

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