Onesie Love


Over the last two years, sales of the adult sized ‘babygro’ have soared; the garment replicating the infant approach to style, provides full body coverage, often with the added bonus of a hood, and comes in a warm, fleecy fabric. Indeed, the comfort and cosiness of the onesie has undoubtedly increased its popularity over the winter months, becoming the perfect salvation for the freezing temperatures of many a student house.

Norway's adverisement for the OnePiece

Following the success of the Snuggie or the Slanket, the blanket you can wear, it seems that our longing to retreat to a baggy and relaxing mode of dressing has been made more publicly acceptable by the versatility of the onesie, which can be adapted to be worn as bed clothing, fancy dress or even casual day-wear, as exhibited by various celebrities. Certainly, a night out in Southampton has become incomplete without the reassuring sight of a drunken, sweaty tiger.

However, despite the public’s fondness for these all-in-one suits, those at the top of the fashion hierarchy detest the creations for their unflattering fit, baggy or not, and their unsophisticated patterns. Yet in 2011, the Norwegian brand OnePiece sparked the trend for luxury forms of onesie, providing the suit with a more chic and desirable reputation than its Primark counterparts.  This was particularly aided by its advertisements depicting ‘hipster’ models, smouldering in positions seeming to indicate that the homely feel of the adult romper suit would enhance the chances of a successful night out on the pull.

Still, for all its cuddly worth, the practicality of the onesie is not its best feature, as the bother of peeling off the costume from top to bottom on toilet trips can be quite tiresome. Some versions incorporate button down fronts which make it slightly easier to undress but the fact remains that it is much less complicated to just pull your trousers down. Furthermore, varieties that cover the entire foot cause a dilemma as to what shoes to wear on the inside. In fact, most owners of the attire agree that they definitely would not wear it whilst sober in daylight public, so it seems the suit is best left for nights in or fancy dress, for which needs the future of the onesie is destined to last a life time. 

Image: Amy Harwood



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