Is There Ever An Appropriate Time To Wear Fishnet Tights?


Other than sexy time or if you were ever in a music video, is there really any time when it could be considered perfectly acceptable to wear fishnet tights? In other words, I ask which situation would others not bat an eyelid, nor judge your character based on your choice to wear holey stockings.

How is it, that fishnet can instantly transform a woman (or man, if you are into that sort of thing) into a lady of the night? Why do we make quite striking assumptions about someone’s character when we see someone wear them? And, before you even jump to your defence, assuring yourself that you are not as ignorant or judgemental as that, I promise you, we all do it. If you were going to a ‘Moulin Rouge’ themed party, don’t tell me that they wouldn’t be essential to your outfit. If you decided to have a change of career as a dancer, don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be teaming these tights up with a pair of clear heels. It is clear to see that our perception of fishnets originates from the images that we associate with it, however, is it right that in 21st Century Britain we condemn people on so little?

” nearly 16, 000 people reported being raped last year.  26% of people believe that the woman was responsible for being raped if she was wearing sexy or revealing clothing”.

This question really does stretch beyond fashion faux pas, it is linked to how women are perceived and ultimately treated. In the recent BBC documentary I Never Said Yes it was revealed that nearly 16, 000 people reported being raped last year, with 26% of people believing that the woman was responsible if she were wearing “sexy or revealing clothing”. From this, we can see how the Slut Walks gained so much support so quickly in Canada and then later in the UK. They protested against explaining or excusing rape by referring to a woman’s appearance after a Canadian police officer in 2011 suggested that to stay safe, women should avoid dressing like sluts. Now, if fishnets provoke an image of promiscuity, and we are aware of such ignorant opinion, then surely most of us would avoid wearing them? After all, there is a correlation between what we wear and how we are treated. Regardless of such truths, I do not support the view that women should be victimised as a result of their clothing much less their tights.

 “If you decided to have a change of career as a dancer, don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be teaming these tights up with a pair of clear heels”

I pray to God that there comes a time when the fashion community gathers together around a table with the goal to revive fishnets back into the accepted mainstream, then I’m sure it would be perfectly fine to wear them, stigma free. After all, wearing corsets and bras as over garments have become fashionable during the past year so it’s about time that fish nets had their moment.

Until then, it appears that there’s never really an acceptable time to pull up those kinky tights, in public anyway.


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