Festival Fashion 2012


You’re packing your bag for a festival and in your head you have an image of yourself, like Kate Moss, walking through a field as if it’s a catwalk. Banish that thought. It’s not going to happen. Follow my top tips though and you can look good as well as being sufficiently prepared:

Imagery by Eleanor Longhurst

1. Wellies- by the last day the field you are jumping around in will look like a swamp. A neutral black or green will last you longer than the zebra print which will also soon be out of fashion.

2. Long socks- will stop awkward chafing from wellies and keep you warmer in the cooler evenings. TOP TIP- you will be on your feet all day, wear two pairs of socks for extra comfort.

3. Shorts- a staple festival look and also great for keeping you cool as well as protecting your modesty when climbing onto someone’s shoulders. Denim or black shorts will stay cleaner and look better after your fifth day of wearing them.

Imagery by Rosie Brown

4. Shirts- gingham or denim are great insulation in the crowds at night and are easier to tie around your bag or waist in the daytime.

5. Converse- you may be lucky and get amazing weather in which case wellies get incredibly hot and unless you want be to wading in flip-flops through ankle-deep sewage around the toilets, I would suggest investing in some good old All Stars.

6. Raincoat-it will inevitably rain at some point – don’t be stupid and test your luck. Go for something quirky and eye-catching to brighten up a dull day and get seen in the crowd.

7. Bag- bring a small, cross the body bag with a zip that can be worn at all times and which can contain all your necessities.

8. Sunglasses- you would be surprised how bright the sky can be, especially after the fourth day of a bit too much alcohol and not enough sleep. Aviators and ray-bans are a good safety choice but why not have fun and go for something a little brighter – pink hearts or over-sized Reflex-style specs are firm festival favourites for many.

Imagery by Eleanor Longhurst

Have fun and remember, do not bring your whole wardrobe! You’ll be thankful when your friends are dragging a suitcase around the campsite while you only have a small rucksack on your back!

Imagery by Rosie Brown

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