Singing in the Rain: Female Fashion for the British Summer


Animal Print Pac-A-Parka £30.00

With Britain experiencing a rare period of rain showers, the Wessex Scene thought it best to provide readers with some top tips for looking in vogue even during a downpour. The failsafe poncho has seen a revival in recent years as high street stores have aided its graduation from fashion disaster to must-have accessory.

Oversized Pac-a-Poncho £20.00

Proving that practical clothing does deserve a space on the runway is Topshop’s range of macs and ponchos in a number of designs and colours. Starting at £20, these pac-a-parkas could be a useful companion in the face of an unexpected downpour.


If you are feeling patriotic at the arrival of a very British ‘summer’ then why not plump for Next’s answer to the drizzle. Their team GB union jack poncho folds away neatly – perfect for the festival and holiday season.

Union Jack Poncho £15.00

Die-hard patriots may even want to team their union jack attire with matching Wellington boots at £25.

Team GB Union Jack Umbrella Hat £6.00

Want to stand out from the crowd? The collection also includes an umbrella hat which provides effortless rain protection and, on the right head, effortless style. It may not be hitting Parisian boutiques anytime soon but, as with our weather, when it comes to fashion we Brits don’t do things by halves.

Heart Umbrella (Hot Pink) £19.45

If you’d prefer to stick to the traditional umbrella, there is no reason to abandon all hope of a unique style. Heart-shaped umbrellas are the latest trend; Umbrella Heaven’s version has added frilly detail.

Fulton Umbrella - Birdcage Multi Spots £18.00

For something a little brighter, take a leaf out of HM the Queen’s book and go for a clear birdcage umbrella with polka dot or colour detail. The Queen may not have forecast her sixty year reign, but she has always been prepared!




Preparation doesn’t come much cooler than Redfoot’s folding wellington boots. Small enough to pack into your handbag, this nifty pair of shoes will enable you to go puddle jumping on a whim, to the envy of all around. At £59.99 they may stretch the student budget, but with Britain’s history of weather it will mean guaranteed use.

Folding Wellington Boot - Patent Red £59.99

So there you have it – some rainy weather fashion solutions. When splashing the cash, practical clothing is the way forward. Let’s face it, it may be preferable to don heels in favour of wellies and adopt fake-fur chic instead of the plastic fantastic cagoule, but falling face down and getting caked in mud is never attractive. Unlike its animal namesake, the catwalk is not likely to be chasing the rat-tail wet look anytime soon.



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